Sunday, March 18, 2012

Getting stronger!!

Every day I get a little bit stronger. Running a 5k is getting easy. It's that last little leg towards the finish,  where my mind "thinks" I'm dying. I still need to do a little talking to my head to remind it that this body is strong enough to make it through!! My little chats with myself work, because I do make it through to the end!

Yesterday Hubby and I decided to hit the trails and do some bike riding! It's still a little cold in the 60's and raining here, but we donned on our bike gear and set out. Of course Hubby looked amazing with all of his specialized weather gear and I looked like the little sister with all of his hand-me-down gear. At least it fit and I could handle the weather.

Our first goal was to see how long it would take to ride to my work. We clocked in at 9.2 miles in 46 minutes. Doable!! So when the weather gets better, I will be riding to work a couple days per week. Can't wait for that.

Then after that we headed toward my Hubby's favorite bike shop. Little word of warning...don't enter these places if you have money, because more times than not, you will be leaving without it.

So we get in there and I seriously need some new gloves. I was wearing Hubby's and they were too big and sloppy. While I was getting these fitted, the bike guys says, "You really should be wearing something over your knees in weather this cold." I was wearing my regular bike shorts. So next thing I know, I'm being fitted with leg warmers. Geez!! Then as we were finishing up, a huge rain storm came in. The bike guys looks at me and say, "You need a raincoat." Graciously he said I could borrow his raincoat for my ride home. Next thing I'm worried about is....will it fit? So he brings it in and I put it on and it fit. How cool is that? So off I went with my new gloves, knee warmers and a $250 raincoat. I felt like a pro! Oh, I did not buy the raincoat, just borrowed it. Its going back to the store today. So awesome!!

Hubby took me on trails or I should say roads where I was not familiar. I had no idea what laid ahead for me. You know I'm not a hill girl, so if I had known where we were going, I would have freaked out. We were kind of in the country and it has rolling hills. Some with very long inclines. So all the while, I'm talking to myself about these hills...Encouraging words and affirmations were flowing like crazy! I was determined to do this ride.....WITHOUT COMPLAINING and I was determined to make my body do what needed to be done. And I DID IT!!

We achieved 27 miles in 2 hrs 21 minutes. Not bad for the first trip out this year!!

So much fun!! I am definitely getting stronger each day and getting closer to my fitness goals!!

How about you? Are you pushing yourself toward your fitness goals?

Keep focused!


  1. Great job on the ride! I love biking :)

  2. Things are determined first in our minds aren't they? Whatever it is, attitude is key. Good job and congratulations!

  3. I love this!! That was cute about u looking like the little sister with the hand me downs! All the great things you're doing as a couple is so awesome!!!

  4. That is absolutely fantastic! Loooove being outside, I practically live for that now. It recharges you so much'!