Monday, April 19, 2010

Am I Doing This Wrong?

Recently I have noticed that there are some people who are achieving great weight loss success will little effort, so it seems. I was reading an article about a lady who lost 62 pounds. Here's what it said, "Finally believing in herself, XXX began to exercise and eat healthful, organic food—and before she knew it, she had lost 62 pounds!" Is that all I have to do?

My sweet husband has a terrible diet (eats too much and then starves) and he's just started his exercise program ~ he's already lost 35+ pounds. Does this plan work for you? Doesn't for me.

Then I was talking with my daughter this past weekend and she knows someone that can lose 9 pounds in a week. I've never been able to do that!! Can you?

And here I am just plodding along. I have had to work really hard ~ EVERY DAY!! I workout 5 mornings per week and I do 2 nights of cardio and weights, 1 night of water aerobics, 1 night of biking or something fun and then I try to get something in on the weekends. In addition, I track all my food, keeping within my calorie budget, drink my water, journal my food, go to the personal trainer, go to the nutritionist..... Seems like a lot and I've only lost 30 pounds.

Do you think after I'm done losing my weight, I will look back on this process and thinks it was easy? Kind of like when you give birth you forget what the pain is like. Is this what will happen? Just wondering...

Personally I don't think this process is easy for everyone. Some of us will have to fight our way out of fat. We are going to have to focus and be diligent every day without fail. Yes many of us will have set backs, disappointments and discouraging times. But I believe if we don't give up and fight until the end, our success will be so powerful! We will feel great and be able to do many things. The best thing is we will really be able to help people just like us. We will have the right words to say, because we've been there!! We will be able to help them on their journey to fitness. We will have stories to tell for sure. I can't wait!!

I will push through to the end ~ How about you?


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