Monday, April 12, 2010

Do It Anyway

I saw the most amazing thing yesterday while I was at the gym. After my workout, I was leaving the locker room and noticed a lone figure in the cycling room. The room was semi-dark and I noticed this person on the bike, peddling like crazy. After closer scrutiny, I realized the person was a woman. She was totally absorbed in her music and focused on pushing herself to the fullest. Then I noticed she was wearing a sling on her arm.

This woman did not let adversity stop her from achieving her fitness dream. She did not give up and she did not use the injury as an excuse to not work out. She gritted it out and did it anyway.

That is the attitude we should adopt and implement into all aspects of our lives. To obtain an orderly life, to keep our sanity, and to achieve our goals and dreams, it is necessary to grit out everything that needs to be done to reach our goals and have success in our life!!

What have you had to grit through ~ how did it make you feel ~ Powerful!!!


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