Sunday, April 4, 2010

Now More Than Ever!

Went to the beach with my husband this weekend. We had a fabulous time!! For the first time ever, I actually planned my food, ensuring that I would have success, even during vacation time!! I never do this!! We left Friday morning and I made sure that I had a good breakfast. We planned a healthy snack, knowing that we would have a high calorie dinner - I wanted fish & chips!!! I totally enjoyed the fish, my salad with the low cal dressing on the side, my water with lemon and savored my select 9 chips (fries). I really like the small crunchy ones! I bet there were 40+ fries on my plate. In the old days I would have eaten every one of them including a ton of catsup and dessert! While I was waiting for our food, I looked out the window and noticed there were a lot of heavy people there who moved really slow. They were smoking, drinking coffee & sodas and eating ice cream (it was freezing there, don't know what they were thinking) and they were carrying bags of Carmel corn, popcorn, elephant ears and salt water taffy. I also noticed while I was at the restaurant; the family next to us had a table full of fruity, sugary drinks, appetizers and plates of food everywhere. When they left, there was nothing left. The family just slugged out of their seats and moved ever so slowly toward the door. It was awful!!!

Take a moment and watch people, you will see what I mean. You know I'm not judging, but come on people, help yourselves!!!!

I have to tell you that I prayed the whole weekend. Every time I would see a large person I prayed for the Lord to intervene and help them. I prayed He would put healthy people in their path to help show them the way. I prayed He would give them the focus, just like He did for me, to get on a healthy path and to stay on it. (I know that I cannot do this on my own) It pains me so to see what we are doing to ourselves. Yeah our food source is probably not the best, but we can certainly help ourselves by not adding more crap to our bodies. We do have control over that!!

The other thing....Why do restaurants think it's necessary to put so much food on our plates. Granted we don't have to eat it, but what is the point? We went to our favorite place, Camp 18, for clam chowder. I ordered a bowl of chowder and a slice of bread. (I planned my day so I could enjoy this meal.) When I got my clam chowder, the bowl was as big as a pasta platter and one order of bread had 2 huge slices. I bet there was a minimum of 500 calories just for the bread and butter alone. Augh!! Needless to say, I took a doggie bag home for later.

I remember when I was a kid, I was the minority because I was the only fat one in the crowd. I used to think it would be great if it was the other way around. Now I'm in the majority because there are so many fat people in the crowd. I have to tell you, this does not make me feel any better. I don't want to be here and I don't want others to be here either!!! I want us all to get healthy!!!

Now more than ever, I want to get this weight off and keep it off. I need to because I want to help others and make a difference in this world!! I want to be the example for many to follow. Now more than ever I am focused on my goals and I am not going to stop until they are achieved!!

What do you want ~ now more than ever?


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