Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Word "Watch" - Nothing About Weight Loss or Is It?

As I am writing this, I don't think that this post is going to be about weight loss or fitness. I am literally sitting here waiting for the words to flow...

I don't know what it is about the word "watch". (Not a timepiece or clock - but to see) Every time I see the word in print (especially in the Bible) or I hear the word, I get a "stirring" inside me and feelings rise up in me that I cannot really explain. I just know the word is significant.

This obsession with the word started back in July 1999 when my daughter wrote me a note that said, "I'll watch for you on the water". (We were planning to listen to a concert from our boat on the Willamette waterfront) Since then I have been very sensitive to the word. (I still have the note)

Today in my Bible study the word popped up again. And again the stirring and feelings are at high peak! So I decided to look up the definition:

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary
intransitive verb
~ keep vigil as a devotional exercise
~ to be attentive or vigilant
~ to keep guard
~ to keep someone or something under close observation
~ to be expectant : wait
transitive verb
~ to keep under guard
~ to observe closely in order to check on action or change
~ to look at : observe : to look on at
~ to take care of : tend b : to be careful of
~ to be on the alert for : bide
~ watch it : look out : be careful
~ watch one's step : to proceed with extreme care : act or talk warily
~ watch over : to have charge of : superintend

Wow I guess it does apply to my weight loss and fitness journey and so much more. I know that I need to be watchful of this journey because there are many watching me. That sounds weird to say. But I am beginning to realize that my journey is bigger than I think and I need to be very careful on how I proceed and how I direct my path. Because what I do and say matters to many. I have a responsibity to do what I am called to do and that is to be obediant to the Lord, to myself and to you, to be faithful to the things the Lord has given me, to continue on with my journey and to reach the goal. No matter what!

Do you have someone watching you?

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