Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It Can Happen!!

Tonight I met an amazing woman at the pool. Her name is Emily and she has lost 77 pounds since July 2009. She is 23 years old and has been over weight her whole life. Her wake up call came last year when her doctor told her that she would have to start taking medicine for her high blood pressure and if she did not get her weight under control, she could end up with Diabetes. That was enough for her. She got busy and developed her plan.

It's a simple plan ~ she started a food journal, got her calories under control, started working with a trainer and started exercising. She went from being sedentary to being able to run 3 miles. She says she has more energy and a new zest for life!!

I asked her what has been her biggest struggle so far. She said eating out. For her it's a social thing. Her friends don't really understand why she can't eat and drink what she wants. It's a struggle to go out and she says she would rather stay home and cook for herself. Says is better anyway, she can eat "good" food and knows exactly what she's eating.

She looks great!! She says that she knows she's an inspiration to others and loves encouraging people in their journey.

Do you believe it can happen for you?


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