Thursday, April 22, 2010

Whatever It Takes

I met a young women at the gym yesterday who has a very large amount of weight to lose. She was on the rowing machine next to me. I was a little envious of her because I am not able to use the machine because of my knee. I decided to ask her how she liked it. She said it was her favorite one in the bunch. (I knew it would be ~ Since I am a rower girl wannabe ~ I knew it would be great!)

Anyway we starting talking about our weight loss and fitness journey and she told me that she too started working on her weight loss this past January. Said she kind of dilly dallied with things until she went to the latest Biggest Loser TV Show tryouts. Since it's my favorite show, I was really interested in hearing how it turned out. She told me that it was very interesting and hard. It was not so much the waiting in line and things you have to do to audition for the show, but it was really hard seeing so many really big people there who were trying out for the show. People so desperate to lose weight and get fit!

My new friend has a lot of weight to lose, but she said that this experience was a huge wake up call for her, it helped show her that if she did not get her weight under control now, she would be a lot worse off very soon. The whole experience inspired her to really get moving this time to get the weight off and get fit. She said she did not even have to get on to the show to get started, that this experience was inspiring enough to get it done. Amazing!

I know by the look in her eye and her new determination that she will make this happen. She got her wake up call.

What will it take to wake you up? Has it happened yet?


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