Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been in preparation for my Colonoscopy and Endoscopy tests today. I have not be able to eat since Wednesday night ~ it's Friday at 8:04am. I will not be able to eat until tonight. I am hungry!

This process has made me think about some things. Here I have spent a lot of time blogging about my fat (because I eat too much food) and how I'm trying to get thin. Since I have experienced this temporary hunger and you know that I've not gone there too often, I realize that hunger is a terrible thing. I am feeling a little guilty because obviously I've had more than my fair share of food, while others have gone without. Ouch!

This experience has brought me something new. Maybe the Lord is doing something new in me. He is definitely talking to me about hunger. Even my new Bible study is talking about it. Day One the heading says - Are you Hungry? Of course the Bible study is talking about being hungry for the Lord. Right now my tummy is talking about being hungry for food.

There are many people in our own neighborhoods who are going without food right now. Even in America! If you watch TV you see the ads about hunger in our own country. It's terrible!

My challenge to you is ~ give generously to those in need of food. Give food to your neighborhood food bank, take a meal to people in need, give food to the Post Office food drive, give money to the guy or gal on the street begging for food (They may be buying booze with it ~ but give it to them anyway ~ you don't really know what the Lord will do with your gift to that person), send money to the food bank, volunteer at the food bank, sponsor a food drive at your work ~ do what you can to help a hungry nation.

Give starvation a try ~ you will soon see what I'm talking about ~ you will be motivated to help where you can.

What can you do to help others in need? DO IT!


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