Monday, August 22, 2011

Attitude Killers

My computer is down again! I have a quick opportunity to get this post out!

To all of my brave attitude changers.....if you took my advice yesterday and decided to change your attitude.....and now you've been hit today with Attitude Killers.....stick with me!!

Don't let these attitude killers bump you, blast you, shove you, and/or propel you to drop your new attitude. You fight and keep your attitude positive. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I went from elation and a positive attitude yesterday, to today with a series of small events, my attitude began to plummet. Once that started happening, I went to my old stand by attitude and began to slide back into my old way of thinking....Like...."What was I thinking, good things don't happen to me"....."It's no use to be positive because bad things always happen"....."I'm too tired, too grumpy, too sad to pull out of this mood"!! I was falling into this line of thinking....I could have sooooo gone there!!

But instead I decided to rise up out of this old behavior and keep my eyes on the Lord, and trust Him to help me get through this and I changed my attitude.

So right now...even though nothing has changed....I could still be in a bad way....I could  still be having a bad day...BUT I'M NOT!! I am EXCITED!!!! I got my good attitude back. I TOOK IT BACK!!!

This is what I came into today...It's a great message and I see it every day. But today....I really saw it and I'm putting my focus here instead of the dumps where I was headed....

Are you Doing This....

Energy matches energy in this world. It’s a law and I’m sure you’ve heard about it before – it’s stated in many ways.

• Like attracts like!

• What you focus on is what you get!

• What goes round, comes round!

• As ye sow, so shall ye reap!

You are an extremely powerful person, whether you have figured this out or not. And you are always using your power - use it wisely!

So there you have it.....We all have a choice to make. We can be negative or positive. For me, being negative does not help my health and fitness plan. I have to put my energy and thoughts into my plan and stay positive. It works for me!!!
So if you are anything and everything you can to get your attitude turned around. YOU CAN DO IT!!
Keep focused!!


  1. Hope you can get your computer fixed soon! I sent you an email last night...not sure if you got it since your pc is down...but let me know!

  2. I empathize with you re: the computer problems. We just got ours fixed, it was down for a month while we found out the problem and waited for a new part.

    Another fabulous post! You have such a great attitude and it is easy to see that your faith is a big part of the reason. Your thoughtful and vibrant posts are an encouragement and a blessing.

  3. Love this joy! your mind is your motor. And your motor is functioning at top speed! Keep focused.