Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm an athlete!

Well at least my trainer says so....And I believe her!!!

So with my new attitude and belief that I'm an athlete, I decided to really push myself at the gym. You see, I can do it. But I will only do it for someone else. Example: I will push myself to my limit and beyond for my Trainer, at my water aerobics and stability ball classes ~ WHEN PEOPLE ARE WATCHING!!! But I refuse to do it when I'm on my own. Which is a total bummer, because I do a lot of exercise on my own. So if I'm not pushing myself....then....I'm wasting my time! Wasting a great workout!!! Stalling my progress!! ACK!!

So this week, I did it...I pushed myself. Every time I worked out I was a sweaty mess. I bet I was even sweating in the pool, just could not see it!! It was an amazing week of exercise. It was especially amazing because of all the stuff we went through with my Hubby. Sadly, I could not exercise every day, but the days I did were amazing!!

The best and funnest day was yesterday. I decided to go to the pool and lap swim. I have swim fins that I use...Seems like I'm cheating, but I have to tell you, that if I did not have them, I would only last about 2 minutes. Yesterday, I swam ~ hard ~ for 45 minutes without stopping! Here's where my athletic, competitive spirit comes out. So....I'm in my lane, swimming like a wild woman and this guy gets into the next lane. I'm swimming away and all of a sudden I realize he's pacing with me. Each time we get to a wall, it's a race to see who will get there first. (I know he's pacing with me, because at one point, I held off to see if he would just keep going, but it seems he waited for me and we kept at our little game). 

When this all started, I had already been in the pool for 15 minutes and then my new challenger and I were swimming our hearts out for another 15 minutes. At one point, I look up and see him exiting the pool. I totally smoked him!! I even went on for 15 more minutes. I'm the winner!!!

Soon after the challenger left, a new lady came in and tried the same thing. And I'm like, "Oh no, you're not beating me." She soon left too. 

Funny thing is....these people did not even know they were in competition. They don't even know that I won, I beat them.....I'm the winner....HA HA HA HA! I'm a goof!

Anyway, it was was great pushing myself beyond what I usually do. It was fun feeling like an athlete....feeling the competition. I loved it!!

OK - Now for another competitive thing. I started a Fitness Challenge with Jessica at See How She Runs. This is my first week. Below please find my stats:

Today Weight: 212 (Up 4 pounds - ack!)

Workout Summary:

Monday: Total 70 minutes
30 min Treadmill
25 min Elliptical
15 min Planks, push ups, squats

Tuesday: Total 60 minutes
40 min Treadmill
20 min Weights & Abs

Wednesday: Total 35 minutes
35 min Treadmill

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest 

Saturday: Total 45 minutes
45 min Lap Swim
Plus I cleaned the house for 4 hours, but don't know if that counts for exercise in this challenge.

Weekly Total:   3.5 Hrs   (210 mins)

Work Out Reflection
This week I worked my butt off when I could. A little disappointed that I did not get 1 more day in. But with all that's gone on this week, I am happy with what I DID DO!!

Work Out Goals for This Week
I am on vacation this week, but I plan on working out at least 6 days this week. I am planning a lot of walking, bike riding, water aerobics  & stability ball class and maybe some swimming. I'm feeling a little competitive :)

That's it for me....Would you like to join our Fitness Challenge?

Keep focused!


  1. I seem to sweat immensely when I work out. I do try to push myself,but probably not as much as I could and I have a terrible time with having correct form when I'm working out by myself. That is what's nice about having a trainer- they can push you plus make sure you have correct form.

  2. Girlfriend,
    You ARE a winner!! I love playing little games like the one you described in the pool. It is a good mental distraction for me.

    Keep up the great work,

  3. You are a winner! You go Swim Girl! You said nothing about your fin blisters?? I am not a good swimmer, I should try those fins. Maybe I could be. Trying to pace you.....guess you schooled them!

    As always thanks for your comment. It always cheers me up.

  4. LOL I'm trying to forget the fin blisters. Stupid things. Oh well, I guess it just means I need to wear them more often and build up some callouses.

  5. Awesome! LOL I'll have to check out "swim fins" ...
    Good for you re: the challenge. I have my own personal challenge going on now.

  6. That's awesome! You are doing great and that is a lot of exercise. You must be feeling good. A challenge is a great idea. Take care.