Sunday, August 21, 2011


When I started this journey January 2011 I really did not have a clear plan. All I wanted to do was start a weight loss and fitness plan and keep at it for a year. Oh and I set a goal to lose 60 pounds by September of that year and I said I would not have fast food or soda for the whole year....January 1st came and I started my food journal and got exercising. That's it, that was the plan. Well that year I lost 50 pounds.

January 2011 came around and I decided to stay on my health and fitness plan. Only this year, I got smarter and more focused! Started really counting calories, increased  the intensity of my workouts, drank more water, and I got more activity in everyday.....and I've lost only 16 pounds so far....It's August already ~ the year is almost over......And I'm not where I want to be!!!

With increased fitness and less calorie intake, shouldn't I be further along by now? Well what's the difference?

After a lot of thinking today, I believe the difference is....My ATTITUDE!!!

When I first started, my health and fitness plan and things were really happening, I remember being less stressed out about the whole process. I mean January a long way to September and I just did the best I could do ~ everyday....And the weight began to drop off. Then February through July went by and I just kept at it ~ enjoying the process. Then around August I began to freak out that I was not going to make my goal and of course I stalled out. The scale did not move again until around January 2011. The new year always gets me re-focused and back on track! So things started happening again!

Then feeling the pressure around April to get more weight off for summer, I stalled out again.

I'm always looking to the future, instead of focusing on today!!!

Instead of changing my attitude, making this journey fun again and getting the job done, I fretted and cried and whined and stressed and berated myself and beat up myself (probably the same thing) and tortured myself and on and on....

Instead of really enjoying the moment of where I am today ~ 66 pounds lighter, able to move, able to sit in any booth ~ theater and airplane seats, shop at regular clothes stores, wear other thin people's clothes, surf, wear a bathing suit without hiding myself, wear a tank top, feeling normal....Instead of all that, I'm stressing about what I don't have!!

I'm going to stop this and stop it right now! I'm changing my attitude! I'm making this fun again and I'm going to like challenging myself. I'm going to start exploring the world again (I stopped this for some unknown reason ~ makes me very unhappy that I did that), I'm going to start expecting results,I'm going back to thinking this journey is fun and easy ~ because it can be! I'm going to reward myself for progress (not with food), I am going to embrace my imperfect self and enjoy who I am! I'M GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN!!

Hey Friends, are you with me on THIS ONE? Are you ready to change your attitude and get this done? LET'S DO IT!!

Keep focused!


  1. Totally know how that is. I have struggled with my attitude for a couple of months, and have been trying to get it back "on track!"

  2. Hi! I just found your blog and am now commenting. I loved this post and it's something I can really relate to. I think sometimes we are afraid of feeling good about where we are at, because we're scared we won't be motivated to change. It's really a fine balance!

  3. I loved this post, very insightful and inspiring! It is great when we can learn from our past behaviors and attitudes. Congratulations on embracing your accomplishments, 66 lbs lost is wonderful!