Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yesterday I had a great day with my Daughter and Grand Babies. We spent the day shopping and had lunch together. When were we at the store my Grand Daughter picked out a treat she wanted. It was a cup of Mini Chip Ahoy Cookies. They were a dollar, so I got them for her. I thought, what a great "treat" for her.

I have been working on keeping my diet clean and I was doing well until we got home. It was kind of cold and dreary so I decided to make a pot of coffee ~ In the afternoon ~ I never do that. As I was sipping away, I decided that one of those little mini cookies would go great with my coffee, so I got one out and popped it into my mouth. Before I knew it my Daughter was coming after me....telling me to spit it out. And I'm like "No WAY!!!" and I'm running from her ~ Cup "O" Cookies in hand. She gets me cornered and she's literally going to do the Mommy thing and scoop that cookie out of my mouth ~ Like you do when a kid is eating poison. By this time, I was laughing so hard, that she almost got it, but I was a little more determined to eat this mini....

In the mean time, I still had the Cup "O" Cookies in my hand and she gets it away from me and I'm chasing after her. It's all fun and games....or is it....and the race is on. Finally she takes the cup and flings it up in the air and it lands on top of the cabinet in my kitchen. WAAAY out of reach. I mean I will need a step ladder to get it.

LOL!!! Is that support or what?

I think the cookies were 15 calories a piece, well at least I think they were. Could not tell you because the cup, with the calorie info, is still up on the cabinet. My Daughter saved me. Not only did I get my cookie, but I wore the calories off in all the running around the house. She also saved me from eating more!

I'm keeping the Cup "O" Cookies up there on that cabinet. They are out of sight to everyone else, but I know they are there....and they are a reminder to me that even 15 calories in a tiny cookie are not good for me. They are also a super reminder that my Daughter loves me and she wants me to reach my goals. She was willing to do what ever it takes to help me make the right decision. I am learning that that's what I have to do every time I'm faced with temptation. I need to be willing to fling it away!!

How cool is that?

How about you....Will you go to any lengths to avoid a 15 calorie cookie?

Keep focused!


  1. LOL, I think if it's meant in love and you know it from the person who "helps", it's great...but sometimes it can backfire from someone who seems more like the Food Police, you know what I mean? To me a few calories of enjoyment once in a while (and I mean "once in a while"!) and counted in my calorie count is much better than an all-out binge!
    Don't worry: soon the cookies will be dusty and hopefully they won't be tempting anymore! ;)

  2. LOL totally cool (and sounds like a very fun moment that you get to carry with you forever and ever!!)! OUt of sight out a mind for me and cookies..if can't see them I won't eat them but they're still in the house for hte hubs to enjoy. That is of coures as long as it's not a "PMS" week...when no chocolate item is safe in the house!

  3. Haha, that is hilarious. And really heart-warming at the same time. :)

  4. Aww! It sounds like you and your daughter must be really close and she obviously supports your goals 100 percent!

  5. I love this post...mostly because of the relationship you have with your daughter :)

  6. I laughed so hard I almost choked!!! LOL!