Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blessings Never End!

Yesterday was a life changing day! I got a call from my Hubby and he said he was feeling terrible and needed help. His symptoms....Pain, numbness & tingling in his back and neck. Extreme headache and weakness. Then chest pains & tightness in chest and pain in his left arm, nausea, and he was sweaty.

I immediately went to get him and we went to urgent care. They were unable to help him there and sent us to ER. So that's where I was until 10pm last night.

During the night they did a C-scan, MRI and blood work. This morning I found out everything was NORMAL!


He still has a hard road ahead, but I'm optimistic! He's in pretty good shape now and I think it will only take a little bit and he will be in great shape!! We will work on this. Now maybe he will be willing to jump on the Health and Fitness bus!! Finally!!!

Another Blessing!!

All through the ordeal, I have had a peace....really, I've been quite serene! When it all started I just had to give it to the Lord and let Him do the work.

A great Blessing because it's not up to me what happens...everything is in His hands. Whew!

It was such a crazy day! I had not had much to eat, except for a couple of nuts, since noon. By 10:00pm I was starved! We were going to go out to get something to eat, but we decided to just go home. When I got home, I got things ready for today and had an English Muffin, fruit and some Silk Milk. My whole calories for the day was under 1500 ~ Even under stress!! YEAH!

In the past events like this were always a recipe for disaster!! Fast food would always be my first choice. I thought about it yesterday...I really did, but quickly put that one to rest and never thought of it again! Whew!


Then today, I was up at my normal time, got in my exercise, Bible reading and had a great breakfast. I'm now going to get beautiful and go see my sweet Hubby in the hospital.

I just know he's going to be OK and I can't wait to get him home!!!!

So the point of this is to say....You will have OBSTACLES, BUMPS, PUSHES, PROBLEMS, FRUSTRATIONS, and HITCHES in your health & fitness journey ~ Life Happens!! But just because things happen, it does not mean you have to jump out of your plan. YOU KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR YOUR HEALTH ~ NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Are you looking for Blessings today? They are out there!!

Keep focused!


  1. That must have been so scary at first. What HUGE blessings! Things like this really bring life into perspective and how precious our time here is. I'm SO glad everything is ok and that your hubby's test are normal. Way to go for stickin' to plan even amid such stress. You are amazing! God is good!

    Take care, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thinking of your sweet family...hope the hubby is home very soon!