Friday, August 26, 2011

Attitude that Rocks!

You know when you are trying to focus on something. I mean really've decided that once and for all, you are going to change something in your life. You've made all the preparations, you've got your tools in place,  you've surrounded yourself with the right people, you've made your mind up ~ you're going to do it!! It feels right and so good. You know that no matter making it happen.......Nothings stopping you.....

Then a whole bunch of crap hits the fan and blows you off of your plan.....

This almost always happens....Let me re-phrase this....This is what always happens to me!!!

I want to know...who brought this fan...lets kill it and get rid of the blasted thing....It messes with everything. Geez!

Yesterday, not only did the crap hit the fan, but I also got waves of frustration, along with a storm of BS, which all combined, made my day almost unbearable. I forgot my wonderful plan of changing my attitude ~ With all that went on, I forgot what I was supposed to do and my attitude stunk it up the whole day.

Now some good things....even though it was a bad attitude was not a bad food day. So I did not turn there. That is good. Did not exercise or drink enough water. So not so good. But I did not overeat, eat candy, junk food or fast food. For me...that is good.

Today I could so go back to that same ole crappy attitude. I mean nothing has changed today...I will still have to face the same ole stuff, but what I can change is my attitude!!!


No matter what is dished out today, I'm looking to my Lord, I drawing from His strength, I going to work my health and fitness  plan, I'm going to have a great attitude. I'm going to smile like I've won the lottery (a big one), I'm going to give out, work hard, love and embrace every challenge that comes my way and most importantly, I'm taking back my peace and joy! I am going to ROCK THIS DAY!!!!!

How about you....ARE YOU WITH ME?

Keep focused!


  1. Baby steps, just take baby steps. You don't have to leap to the end. Just put one foot in front of the other, and keep moving forward. You'll be surprised how much progress you'll make that way.

  2. A good attitude is always helpful and staying positive is not easy but it can be done. Surround yourself with positive people always helps