Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Toxic People (Cont)

First of all...thank you to every one who left a comment yesterday regarding Toxic People. I honestly thought I would get slammed with negative comments about how cruel and mean I am, for wanting to rid myself of toxic people in my life and to instead focus on me and my health and fitness. (To free myself from these life sucking people and finally, finally, focus on me and my health ~ for once!)

I never really, ever, realized how much your environment can influence you and how you live your life. No wonder people turn to food or other devices to cope. No wonder!

Why now am I just getting this.....I guess it's because I've had just a taste of what taking care of myself feels like and now when I feel that I've been pushed to far, it hurts....it really hurts and I guess, I don't want to hurt like that anymore.

So anyway ~ Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. I really appreciate it!!

Yesterday, I had to deal with someone who is toxic. It did not go well. I really wanted to help this person for a lifetime, give them some practical advise to help propel them for success. All this person wanted, was what they wanted today. This person did not care or want to look to the future. They pretty much threw a hissy fit with a wide range of emotions from Joy, laughing, confidence, anger, fear, sadness, desperation, defiance, then acceptance of what really had to happen. I was so saddened because I could not make it better. I just had to let go....

Part of me wants to blame and chastise myself for failing this person. (If this person, or anyone else who knows about this reads this post - I just want you to know that my intention has always been to help ~ always. They never wanted to hear or learn from what I had to say. At least I never saw any fruit of lessons learned) I keep thinking back to what else or more I could have done for them. But the reality is, I did all I could do. Now I pray that this person will take what they have experienced and learn and grow from the experience. I can hope for that!

After it was over, I just wanted to go home and eat stuff. I really did. But instead I called my Hubby and he said he would come home early from work and we would hang out together. We ended up having dinner on our patio, then worked on his resume. He's applying for a new position at work.  It's was our 24th wedding Anniversary.....

Not the greatest day for celebration....we get to do that this Friday. We both have the day off and will be going water skiing in the morning, til mid afternoon, then maybe a bike ride, then we will get ready and we are going to a beautiful restaurant that is 30 floors up in the city. Every seat in the place is breathtaking! After that we have a new movie we want to see. That will be a day of celebration!

Got to get to work! Have a Blessed Day!

Stay focused!


  1. just left a comment on your last post....and that person failed his or herself. you aren't responsible for other people and their decisions. You are responsible for you. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I'm so glad your husband supports you. What a blessings he is.

    Question.... How long has he been waiting for you to take this brave stand?

    You are doing good.

  3. Well done Joy! You have helped them the best you can by getting them to see that all actions have consequences and that they need to take responsibility for themselves - being able to do that is what gets us through our lives.

    Happy Anniversary to you and hubby - I hope you both have a fantastic day on Friday to really celebrate.