Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you running?

So many times in my life, I've been told things I need to do....things I must do for myself and it's usually things I don't want to hear. Many times, I've close my ears and ran away from the information that might benefit my life. I'm just too stubborn to be told what to do...

I've known people who do this....I shared the other day that I had a friend who was whining about being fat and I told her that I would be happy to help her and maybe even be her accountability partner....The minute and I do mean the minute she could break away from me, she literally ran out of the building. She could not get away from me fast enough. Obviously she did not want my help! She ran away!

Have you even done that?

I do it!

Why do we do that?

For years and years my mom told me, to lose weight, I needed to take in less calories and move more....I bet I've heard that for 40 years and I refused to listen to her. Well first of all, it just seemed too simple....I mean to lose weight, I always felt like I had to do more, complicate it, make it HARD to get it to work. Not anything so simple as eating less and moving more....

But for me that's what it takes. (Now I know there is more to this, there's the emotional side of things, hormones, stress etc) I get it, but the bottom less and move more!

I heard yesterday....again someone giving me advise that I don't want to hear....and I totally want to run away from this advise and not accept it and that physical therapist told me that it may take 8 weeks for my back to heal....Well I just don't want to hear that. I don't want to spend 2 more seconds being denied what I want to do and that is I want to move this body, I want to strengthen it and get it in shape so I can row! Remember I want to go to the Senior World Olympics when I turn 50....

And dang it....It seems every time I get close to doing this, I get an injury. First time I was committed to doing it I got sick and they thought I was having a stroke - it took 5 months for them to finally diagnose me with Hemi Facial Spasms. Then I had the chest wall contusion, knee problems, tennis elbow and now my back. (All of these injuries in the past year and a half)

Shouldn't there be a limit on how many injuries one must suffer? I think I've had my fill!!! Sick of it!

Anyway...I guess, I'm not going to run away from this....I'm going to put my focus on  getting stronger, doing every thing they say to do and I'm taking these 8 weeks and I'm going to get well!

I will row ~ ~ one day!!

No more running!! I'm going to face what is, do what I need to do and reach for my goals!!

How about you do you run away?

Keep focused!


  1. You will do it!!! And I will be cheering you on :)

  2. You must heal your body to reach your goals. Do as you are advised. :) You will reach your goals... someday!

  3. I can definitely relate! If any of us were good at just taking the advice, I'm sure some doctor or family member would have told us what we needed to do before obesity was ever a problem. But we're all stubborn and it takes us finally seeing it and reaching out for help. Personally, I do better when I learn something on my own rather than having someone figure it out for me.. if that makes sense.

    I'm dealing with coworkers and friends much like yours right now, and I'm praying for patience! Ignoring unsolicited advice is one thing, we've all buried our heads in the sand at some point or another. But to complain about something, ask for help, and then run from it? That's so frustrating.

    Hope your friend reaches out!

  4. Like Mrs. D I too find it frustrating when people act like they want advice and then shoot down whatever and I do mean whatever I say. Is it a power thing? Is it just wanting attention? Is it just wanting sympathy? All of the above I think. We will just have to lead by example and others can come along if they would like. Keep on keepin' on.