Sunday, September 4, 2011


Are you suffering right now because you are making good choices for yourself? Even if change in your life is healthy and good, you can still suffer because of it.

It's like OK now what do I do? I used to eat when I was stressed....can't do that anymore....ouch! How am I to cope? How about when you are bored, frustrated, confused, joyful, happy? How about when we celebrate? Can't really devour the smorgasbord anymore....What will we do with our time?

For me, change means, I don't do that any more, now I do this. Finding the this (The alternative choice), may be really hard, especially if you are struggling to let go of the thing you love most!

For a lot of us, giving up food and our behaviors towards food is difficult to give up or change. It's what we do, at least I know it's what I do....I've lived like this for over 40 years and it seems it's really hard to teach this ole gal (the old saying says dog, but I'm not calling myself that) a new trick!

So what to do....Here we are, we need to make changes....for some of us (me), I need to make a lot of changes. But I don't want to give up the familiar, the things I know, the things that speak love to me, the things that make me feel OK.

I heard this last night at church....What if the very thing we give up...ends up giving us the very thing we are looking for.....Something that will give us life!

We think that food is our thing that we are looking for (I need it to cope, bring comfort, satisfaction etc), but what if we give it up and put our focus on our health and fitness.....After time, we will end up with what we really want....thin & healthy bodies ~ YES! But I believe there is so much more for us then even that. A thin  and healthy body is a bonus, but what we really get is something more. I don't know what that something more is for you...But I already know, that by trying to change my life, giving up the unnecessary food, and pushing forward on my health & fitness plan...already new doors are opening for me...things are happening in my life....things that would not be happening if I had not made that first effort to try. You see if I had not made changes back in January 1, 2010, I believe I would be bed bound by now. I was heading that way. But because of the simple change of letting the food and old self destroying behavior go, I'm finally living my life....And I know the more I give up the food and old behavior, that more opportunities will present itself to me ~ I will truly be living the life that I was created for. I can't wait!

So, I'm willing to give up food, I'm willing to suffer through this process until I learn to fill my time with healthier alternatives ~ not food. I willing to push through the feelings you get when you let go of something you love. I'm willing to do all of this so I will get something my heart is looking for.....something more important, something better, something more meaningful and lasting than food ~ I'm looking for life!

Giving food up....I know there will be pain, suffering, discomfort...But I also know, if I do it, I will get something more ~ I will have a more abundant life!!!

Commit yourself today to your health and fitness plan. Make the changes you need to make, give up the excess food ~ it's not your friend! This maybe painful, but it may lead into the something you are looking for!!

Are you with me?

Yikes ~ Forgot to record exercise for the week!

Workout Summary:

Monday: Total 53 minutes
33 min Treadmill 
20 min Wake Surfing

****2 hours of treading water in the lake (Jessica - does this count?)

Tuesday: Total 45 minutes
45 min Water Aerobics

Wednesday: Total 50 minutes
50 min Stability Class

Thursday: Total 60 minutes
60 minute Treadmill

Friday: Total 30 minutes
30 minute Treadmill

Saturday: Rest
Weekly Total:   4 Hrs   (238 mins)

Work Out Reflection
Augh ~ Seemed like I pushed myself all week, but only got in 4 hrs. Hummm...I've got work to do!

Work Out Goals for This Week
I am on vacation this week, I am planning a lot of walking and swimming!!!

Keep focused!


  1. Wonderful motiving post! I love the quote from church. Thanks, you have given me something to think about!

  2. Great job Joy!!! I usually list things like hiking with friends, swimming at the creek, etc. but don't count it unless I go with the intention of really making it a workout and not a social you decide :)

    I think we are going to be really close this week!! I am about to grab my workout journal and post mine for the week! I wasn't able to do anything yesterday with my toe (I walked, but it wasn't fast enough to get my HR up, so I am not counting it) I only have 4 days of workouts :( Toe seems better today...but not great. All the docs will be closed Monday and I am not familiar with any podiatrists,so I have got to ask around...a nurse friend of mine looked at it and said since their was no swelling under the nailbed and the lower nail seems to be ok, it might be a process we can take care of at home with soaking and bandaging until it grows back out a bit. Here is hoping!!! In the meantime I have got to figure out how to stay active...with my thyroid, if I am not moving...I gain!

  3. Great post. It is so hard to make new habits. Bed bound does not sound like a life, and making needed changes sounds like you really needed to something, fast! It's totally worth it in the end.

    Have a great vacay. Swim you're heart out!

  4. I needed to read this post today and thanks for your support on my blog. Posts like this one will help me get motivated again.

  5. This is a beautiful post! There was a point earlier in my journey where I wrote in my offline journal, "I KNOW food won't make me feel better but right now, I wish I still thought that." I hadn't found my alternative choice so instead of (not) coping with food, I felt like I wasn't coping at all. But... you know, I got through it without food after all. I absolutely loved your post on attitude last week and these concepts are very connected to me. We find we can do so much more when we think we can do so much more. Thanks for sharing the wonderful ideas, they are a huge inspiration. :)

  6. Amen, sister! I love how you applied that teaching to weight loss: so very true. Have a great week!

  7. I love that quote from church! Giving up all the junk and couch potato habits is giving us more time, and better quality time, with the people we love. What more could we ask for?

    Great workouts this week!!!