Sunday, September 11, 2011


Spent a lot of time reading blogs today! So much success out there ~ WAY TO GO!!!!  Some of you are struggling, but I have no doubt, for those struggling, that things will get back on track soon. Keep pushing through, stay can do it ~ I believe in you!!!

This past week I was on vacation. I had plans....awesome plans of health and fitness. I had plans of eating healthy meals and getting my exercise in. I'm in a fitness challenge with Jessica and I so wanted to beat her this week. My mind was totally there, ready for success, but my body was not.

The week before we left, I went to the doctor because of hip pain. Then last week, this pain moved from my hip to my lower back. Last Monday while setting up our camp, the pain was so bad, that I could barely walk. This was a little distressing, since the bathrooms were at the other end of the loop.

The other sad thing was that I've worked hard, this year, to be able to ready for the fun we had planned this week. I've wanted to water ski so bad and I've been working hard in the gym to be strong enough to do it...Past years, I've tried and tried and could never get out of the water. This year, I'm lighter and a lot stronger....I could do it ~ I am positive, except for this back pain. I had also planned a lot of walks and runs with my daughter. I had my exercise clothes and running shoes packed....I was ready! We even took water noodles so we could do water aerobics.

Unfortunately I was unable to do any of these things. I mostly sat on the beach, watching and dreaming of what I wanted to do. I could not even lift my grand babies without crying out in pain...Can I say that I am very disappointed?

The only way I got relief was to take Advil every 3 hours.....I hate taking that stuff!!

I am scheduled for physical therapy on my back (PT again - just different body parts - I've had PT on my knees, calves and tennis elbow) Can I say that I'm sick of physical therapy? The only bright spot is I will find out what I can do to strengthen my back so I can avoid this type of injury in the future. Need to look for the silver lining ~ right?

The other thing, because I was too afraid, or too sore, or just sick of waddling to the bathroom, I did not drink enough water, then I forgot my blood pressure meds 2 days and that always throws me and I'm up 5 pounds. It's gotta be water weight, my feet, legs and hands feel like I'm ready to pop there is so much pressure. I kind of feel like a sausage. Today I've been drinking water like crazy and made many trips to the bathroom. Starting to feel a little better.

My food intake was pretty good. I did not over eat any of the goodies that we had. A small miracle here. I just did not want it.

On the bright side, I totally enjoyed my family, we had a great time being together. We decided that we will make this trip an annual event. And my back is a little better now that I'm sleeping in my own bed and not walking and lifting so much.

I have a new goal...Next year, I will be in a totally different place.....Healthy, lighter, lean, strong and able to get up on those skies!!! I'm doing it!!!

Workout Summary:

Sunday: Total 0 Minutes

Monday: Total 0 minutes

Tuesday: Total 0 minutes

Wednesday: Total 0 minutes

Thursday: Total 0 minutes

Friday: Total 0 minutes

Saturday: Total 0 minutes
Weekly Total:  0 Hrs   (0 mins)

Work Out Reflection
Well it pretty much stunk.....Don't know what else to say...

Work Out Goals for This Week
Going to physical therapy ~~ doing everything they say!! I will walk on my treadmill!!!

So no matter what....I'm pushing through this injury. It's just an injury ~ you know athletics get injured ~ it happens. I going to beat this!!

How about you? How are you doing?

Keep focused!

Oh so funny....I'm getting ready to publish this post and I look at my Labels: and it says: "wawa". I did not type this....(I typed injury ~ How did wawa show up) ~~ is this what this post is about? Am I wah wahing about what happened or did not happen this week...Am I making excuses for what I did not get done? Hummmmm!


  1. I am so sorry that you had a tough time with your back :( You have such a wonderful positive attitude. And you are right, next year you will do it!!! I could not waterski after putting on so much weight. Then I got it off and it was such a mental success for me when I did it. I cant wait for you to feel that!!!! You deserve it. And thanks for your sweet words on my blog :) I am struggling but i will get through it! Just a bump in the road for both of us but we will get through it!


  2. I know those injuries are such a pain and you've had things like that really TOO OFTEN! But they must be making you stronger as I haven't met anyone as resistant as you girl! I will keep you in my prayers and meanwhile I will glean strength from your example. So happy to hear of the good times you had on your trip. :)

    Blessings your way,

  3. ouch. I know those kind of weeks. Hope you feel better soon and are back on track. No sense in throwing yourself off track mentally as well. Hang in there.

  4. That must have been so disappointing that you couldn't get out there. :( But the silver lining is a big one, because you know that injury aside you can, and WILL next year! And "wawa" is hilarious, haha.

  5. Oh Joy! I feel for you, I really do. You have worked so hard towards your holiday goals and then to be put out by a stupid back injury. It must be so frustrating to not be able to participate, but you didn't over eat which is absolutely fantastic - that is progress!!

    Next year you will be even lighter and stronger than you are today and you WILL be skiing - no doubts here.

    I have a back injury at the moment too - stupid backs, do we really need them :)

  6. Joy, I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well for your trip, but you have made so much progress all you can do is look forward to the next one and KNOW you'll be ready! Keep up the great work!!

  7. Quite frankly pain sucks. No doubt about it. I hope you figure out what causes that pain so you can take care of it. You will get out and do more exercise, just be careful to be all healed.

    What a great family excursion though. That was the "gift" you know to be with your family and the GB. Have a great week, Joy!

  8. Oh Joy!!!I hope you are feeling much better very soon!