Friday, September 2, 2011

My Body

Been struggling for 2 years now with  my ears. They just drain and drain, then the insides get all crusty and gross. So hope you are not eating your breakfast right now...Anyway, this has been going on for a very long time. Now, I have a lot of pressure & numbness over and around my right eye, in addition to some dizziness and problems walking. (I always have to look down, because if I look up, everything swims around me) Kind of strange. So I go to the Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Doc to see what's going on. Of course, he's not too concerned about the 2 year problem with the ears, that bugs me to no end, no he's more concerned for all of the other stuff that's going on.

So instead of getting a heavy dose of decongestant, that I thought I would get...instead of getting an easy fit, I get to have a MRI...2 of them. I've never heard of that. Almost 3 hours in that stupid machine.

For crying out loud....will I ever be free of all of this medical stuff? It is so frustrating!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday it was like I went in to get my finger bandaged and ended up in surgery instead. I am so sick of this!!!!

If I could only get these little niggly health problems ~ ears, now this stupid head thing and my hip/back from hurting....and I'm sure there's something else to complain about...if I could only get these things out of the way, I would be feeling great!!

This is the exact reason why it is important to be fit and healthy (Not to say that fit and healthy people don't get sick), but a lot of my problems are and have been from obesity. I could have avoided a couple of surgeries and a lot of the other things, like knee, hip, feet and back problems, maybe I could have avoided the carpal tunnel surgery and could have avoided a number of other things....Oh I remember more.....If I were more fit, I may be able to get off of the blood pressure meds and because I'm more fit now, I was able to avoid cholesterol meds. See getting fit has its benefits!!

So are you with me today. Are you willing to do whatever you need to do to get fit and healthy? Lets do it!!

Keep focused!


  1. I'm with you!!
    Sorry about your ears, my whole childhood was spent at the ENT's so I understand.

  2. I'm with you more ways then one ha ha. I have problems with my "head"-can't move it too quickly otherwise it throws my balance off. And sometimes I too have to look down rather than straight ahead or up due to dizziness.

    Anyhow...have a great weekend and week. Keep your chin up; I'm sure your health issues will "work out" (ie you'll get better for a lack of better words).