Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Unexpected...

I used to be so rigid in my expectations that if something did not go my way, I would have a fit. Some times if I could throw myself onto the floor and have a hissy fit, I would do it. But I finally did grow out of that behavior...a long time ago!

Thankfully I am far from that person who could not change gears, because if I was, I would be having a grand ole hissy fit, right now!!

This week I'm supposed to be camping. But nope, due to circumstances beyond my control, I am at home doing a Staycation!

Knowing I had all of this time on my hands, I made "plans" to get a ton of stuff done at home, I was going to get myself ready for our next camping trip next week and I was going to hit the gym ~ hard!!

The first few days I worked around here really hard, got a lot done. I was going to make my writer workshop on Monday, but that got cancelled, as we decided to go out on the boat instead. Always shifting gears!

My Hubby and I decided that we wanted to go to the Tuesday Night Farmer's Market, but that got changed to. Instead of going there, my Daughter and I decided to go to my water aerobics class. We get there and we were all showered and ready to hit the pool, when we noticed that the pool was drained and had a huge lift in it. Huh?

Determined to get our exercise in and not to let one more thing go undone, we sought out an employee to see what was going on. I was told that they needed to do some maintenance on the ceiling and they needed to drain the pool to get to the problem. We were disappointed that our class was cancelled and said so to the employee, who happily announced that the class was not cancelled, but moved to the outdoor pool.

Now in Oregon, we have not yet had summer. It's been cool, cloudy and rainy for a good part of the summer. That was all of those things. My Daughter and I both looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and bravely said yes, to our new opportunity.

It was time to get in....and can I say....FREEZING!! The water was cold and the wind was blowing....Not a good combination for sure. Anyway, we would not be thrown off of our plan and we pressed on....We had a great workout and you know what....After exerting our energies, we found that we were quite warm in the pool after all. Getting out was another story!!!

Last night, I wanted to go to my Stability Ball class. Before I left the house, I was helping Hubby with the camping stuff. I almost did not go to my class, as I kind of felt guilty leaving him with all the work to do. I went anyway :-) So I rush to my class and entered the room and it was empty and dark. I'm thinking...another class cancelled....What's going on people? After a few moments I see this very fit woman enter the room and I realize she's our replacement instructor. So we were chatting and soon the class start time was almost there and no one else had arrived. You have to have at least 3 people to have a class. Five minutes into class and still no one has shown up. So my brave instructor traipsed down to the weight room and recruited 3 more people and we had our class! It was different and a butt kicker for sure. It was a really hard class and I was  proud that I could do most every thing she asked us to do. (I could not do jumping jacks while in a plank position ~~ can you?  Killer!!!)

All of this to say....That I had plans....things I wanted do....And things outside of my control changed my plans. I had a choice to make...I could retreat into myself, like I used to do....or I could embrace the change...stretch myself and go with the new direction. I am so glad I did, because each experience brought something new to my life that I would not have ever experienced before. I was willing to embrace the change and grow from it. I've had a great week so far and I'm looking forward to new changes to come my way.

How about you? Do you embrace change?


  1. Oh, I totally can relate to the thing about things changing all the time. As a stepmom to two teens, one of whom lives with us, this is the story of my life!

    Do I embrace it? Not always! Sometimes I complain bitterly (to myself) and it drives me bonkers! But I am slowly learning to accept it more. And when I do, I am less stressed and more happy. Great post!

  2. This has been a wild week for me too! I am missing my Zumba class tonight to keep my "nieces" while their parents go to a funeral...
    But I still plan to kick your butt this week :)

  3. i finding it just the opposite. i use to love change. now i almost hate it. i use to go with the flow now i feel myself fighting it.

    i am glad you are finding the bright side to change. :)

  4. I am a big planner, and I used to get very upset if my plans had to change. Now, I like it better when my plans work, but I don't force it and that keeps me from getting as upset. I try to tell myself that there is a reason things aren't working out, and to let it go. That helps.

  5. It depends is all I can say. Sometimes I just shrug my shoulders, but other times I am irritated. I need to practice positive attitude, too. Looks like you rolled with it though Joy!

  6. I've always been a very type A person when it comes to planning, organizing, all of it. When things don't go as planned, I get anxious. I try to go with the flow, and I'm getting better at it, but still a long ways to go! So happy you were able to just roll with all of it this week- hopefully I'll be there soon! :D

  7. I think I like stability in my schedual. I am rigid when it comes to order. I would like to be more flexible. Good job on getting to class. I know how hard it can be to put that first when the guilt monster raises it's ugly head. I have learned to say "............ will always be there."
    dishes or whatever. You have to take the time to keep yourself healthy. Good job getting it done.

  8. Great job persevering! Hope you enjoy your staycation still, and can reschedule camping for some other time. :)