Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting Back to Normal

After almost 2 weeks of vacation, things have been a little out of sorts....My house is a wreck! I have had coming laundry out of my ears (almost done), boating equipment (skis, ropes, life jackets, pull toys - all of this stuff is in my living room!!), I have grocery shopping to do, I need to run some errands, the dogs need a bath, I need to pay some bills, I need to button down our yard and decorate my house for fall...yes, it's coming! I need to get my hair done, and oh my goodness....I need a pedicure!!!

All of this is needs to be done, plus I work and have to fit my health and fitness in...

Whew...I need a vacation!

I am on my way to getting back to normal....I'm right back to my exercise, even though it's ever so slowly! My back is still giving me trouble. I need to get into the physical therapist soon! My diet is getting better ~ more normal! I'm down 4 of the 5 pounds I gained. I knew it was water weight. I still feel a little puffy, hopefully this will subside soon!

Other than that...I'm still fighting and working toward my goals!!

How about you....Are you reaching yours?

Keep focused!


  1. Vacations are nice, but then you have to return to reality! Hope you recover!

  2. Girl...that list of "to dos" wears me out :) Be careful with your back!!!

    PS...There is a blog award for you on my page :)

  3. Get that pedicure and hair appointment made today!
    Down the 4 of 5 pounds! go girl!
    Keep focused!!!
    Secretly a rockstar? Why secret! BE A ROCKSTAR!
    Have a pretty day my friend!

  4. I hate the puffy feeling!! So glad you're getting "back to normal"....Chin up and stay focused!!

  5. So proud of you for getting some of those pounds off! Yay!

  6. GO YOU!!!

    Im same.
    getting up each day and trying again :)