Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Honesty

I don't know what's come over me...But I feel like I need to confess....

My weight loss ticker is off....I'm not 208 pounds right now.....I'm finally back to 210 pounds. I was holding at 215 pounds for a while and even saw 218 when I reweighed myself one day (I'm sure I had on super heavy clothes.....Ahem)

Whew....glad that's off my chest! I will not be changing my weight loss ticker...can't be spending the time doing that, because it won't be saying 208 pounds for long.....The scale is moving!! Five pound weight loss!! Woo hoo!!!

The other thing I needs to confess.....

I've been reading blogs today and I see a lot of hurting, struggling, frustrated people out there. And according to my Hubby and Daughter....I've been kind of one of those people. Here I'm thinking I super positive and uplifting in my posts and they both said I've been kinda whiny on my blog and in real life.....Oh that hurts!

My Daughter told me..."You first whine...then you encourage with something positive." She said, "What I want to see is RESULTS."


What I'm hearing is....Stop talking about it, stop thinking about it, stop wondering about it, STOP WHINING ABOUT IT...... JUST DO IT!!!

So I took the criticism and made some changes and they worked!

I really put in effort and focus this week and the results are coming in!

How about you....Are you making things happen?

Keep focused!


  1. Just finished chatting with my husband about the Nike slogan "Just do it!" Maybe I should post that on my blog. Keep up the good and thank you for the encouraging words on my post. Lets be honest and JUST DO IT!

  2. Thank you for following me! I was beginning to feel alone in the blog world hahhah!

    and thank you for the encouragement. ..

    Focus..that is my word for the day. No, make that my word for the week!

    Smile Bunches Today!

  3. Hey Joy - I think I got the followers thing fixed at my blog. Maybe after the next weigh in we will say JUST DID IT!

  4. Joy, I can totally relate. I've been praying to God for His will on my life journey and my journey with weight loss. I read Proverbs 16:9 - I've got to make the decision to lose weight-direct my path, but God will direct my steps to acheive this. But it starts with me! Thanks for inspiring me!

  5. Not to help you find excuses :-) but fall weight loss might be difficult because we've been programmed to store fat for winter months. We don't need to do that now but nature has not adapted well to our civilization yet. I know I am craving carbs a lot this time of year and have to really watch my food intake very closely.
    I like the "Just do it" attitude. It is all up to us, isn't it, to make right decisions and keep the promises we make to ourselves.

  6. It feels good to spill the proverbial beans once in awhile. :)

    As for being all talk; no action----I think we all have times where we motivate others more than ourselves. It's just important that you practice what you preach on the long run.

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

    P.S. New follower! :)