Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just Realized Something....

I am not in the greatest place right now...Still struggling with my back (can't get into Physical Therapy until next week - Frustrating), I have not seen my trainer for 3 weeks (I've been on vacation) and my gym is closed until Monday, September 19th (Should not be an I have a home gym).

None the less - yes all of this is happening, but I've chosen to go back to my old ways. I have slipped in the past 3 weeks before my vacation. Week one of my vacation, I did great!!! The second week I held my own pretty well, only added a bite here and a taste there. This week....I'm back to January 1, 2010!!!!!!!! Fat, sluggish, stupid old woman!

The past 2 days my calorie intake has been 2000 and I've been barely able to move. Today...I feel like a stuffed sausage....wanting to and sometimes...I've even stuffed my face with something.

Let me remind you of how this disgusting behavior feels.....
  • I'm hot and sweaty....can't get relief!
  • My tongue is fat and lazy and all the little bumps are standing up. It feels like a cats tongue - gross!!
  • My back hurts, so I'm walking hunched over....I look like a fat old woman!
  • My feet, legs and hands are bloated....
  • Oh and my stomach is bloated. I can't even hold it in, it's too heavy!!
  • I have acne again!
  • I am sleeping well, probably because I'm in a food coma!
  • My energy level is super low!!
  • My thinking is sharp and then sluggish many times during the day....
  • Right now I could use a nap!

I want to get back to feeling....
  • Energetic
  • Sexy
  • Mysterious...there's just something mysterious about a person who takes care of themselves....Don't you think?
  • Want to feel good in my clothes....I have no fall clothes in my closet. None!! I would love to go shopping, but I can't do it feeling this way....
  • Need the swelling to go down so my shoes won't be so tight and I can get my rings off.
  • I want to be able to get back into the gym and reach my fitness goals!
  • I want to get my calories down to 1600!!
  • I want to drink my water!!
  • I want to reach my goals!!!
There.....I feel better and dang it, I'm fighting back!!


Keep focused!!


  1. You can do this JOY!!! Do you want to exchange food journals via email for the next couple of days until you get your footing back??? What can I do to help YOU?

  2. IT's a struggle to keep your mojo...and it will always be a struggle. Hang in's just waiting for you to grab it. I am with you.

  3. Screw feeling old or sluggish, feel energetic and sexy and mysterious instead! Fight back, you can do it!

  4. My motivation has been lacking lately, too. Rewriting out my goals has helped with regaining my focus on them. Perhaps a similar exercise would help you? Good luck with getting back on track :) you can do this!

  5. Yes, I'm with you! And working hard getting totally back on track. Not just halfway, but ALL the way. It's gonna happen for both of us.