Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The other night I was talking to my new trainer about my weight loss and fitness journey. I told her of my recent frustration with this extra 6 pounds. I admitted to her that well....obviously, I'm not true to my calorie intake. I know what the paper says, but obviously my body is telling me different......So I must be fudging!!

My trainer gently reminded me...that the scale may not reflect all that I'm doing. She said, she sees  progress! I am losing body fat and gaining muscles!!! So I'm definitely leaner. Which is good. My clothes don't feel any different than when I was at maybe she's right. I mean everyday I wake up and feel lighter than I've ever felt. The other thing that she's noticed and we've only been together 2 times is that I am strong!!! Many times I've heard her say "wow" under her breath. How cool is that? And last time we were together I did everything she wanted me to do....easily! I'm lifting barbells as heavy as some of the guys in the gym. Definitely smoking the ladies for sure. I even did something I've never done before...I did 30 inverted push ups, all the way to the ground, on a balance ball. Even some of the guys in the gym were checking that out. Well maybe they weren't that impressed. They were probably wondering why this trainer was abusing the old sweating, beat red lady in the corner ~ That's probably the truth!

That night after spending 40 minutes on the weights, I rowed for 10 minutes, walked for 20 minutes and I rode 10 miles on the bike ~ easy!!!

So fitness wise.....I AM HAPPY!!! 

Weight wise....well I've got some ideas and some changes I will be making soon. I just need to prepare my kitchen and get my attitude in the right place. I'm getting there!!

Anyway, my trainer asked me to do an affirmation list, of how I want to see myself....Not where I am right now....but where I want to be. So here goes....

I am a competitive, strong and fit athlete, who is injury free! I set goals and exceed them. I am a risk taker! I am diligent and purposeful in what I eat and how I fuel my body. I share my experience and help others on their health and fitness journey. Great health and fitness is my lifetime goal!

That's the list so far...I will continue to build on it as things come to my mind.

How about you feel positive about yourself and your fitness goals?

Keep focused?


  1. Love this post! I would have liked to see the faces of those you were smokin' in the gym! Rock on!

  2. There are so many good things here that it's hard to imagine that the weight isn't changing. It has to! You already know the argument about muscle weighing more than fat but being more compact so it takes up less room I am sure. Muscle is more metabolically active. If I remember correctly each pound of muscle on our bodies takes 35 calories a day to maintain while a pound of fat takes 5 calories a day to maintain that's why you burn more calories sitting still if you are just more muscular so that's a good thing. The weight has to leave soon. Keep at it.

  3. I love love love your affirmation list!
    Especially the part "I set goals and exceed them". I was just working on goals today, so that was perfect!

    I agree with Downsizer... you are doing the right things, so as you keep at it, the numbers will catch up. :-)

  4. Don't let the scale steer you off track. That's a hard one for me. If I don't see scale move I get down and then find myself over eating. Don't let that happen! You've come to far. And thanks for inspiring me-I think I'm going to create an affirmation list myself!
    Thanks! -Kara Lea