Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Facing Fears

Yesterday I got to meet and workout with my new trainer. My regular trainer is getting ready to have twins, so we wanted to do the transition before the babies came ~ so yesterday was the big switch! In all these months, I did not realize that I was pretty fearful of this change. My current trainer punishes me (in a good way) every workout, so I'm kind of used to being pushed to my limit, but I realized yesterday, that this change has really been weighing heavy on me. I just did not want to try anybody new and fail. Believe me, I was looking for all kinds of excuses not to go and I was even thinking that maybe I really didn't need a trainer after all.

But I did not run away from this new challenge. I decided to face my fears and go. So glad I did. Fortunately I know my new trainer as she is my nutritionist as well. How cool is that. Almost like a 2 for 1! Anyway, we had a great session and I was really pleased that I could do everything she asked me to do....even with ease. I told her that we can even bump things up a bit and she was quite pleased!

After we were done and stretching out, she said, "You know....I don't see a lot of people, your age (I'm 50) as fit as you....you are really strong!!"


I am really really excited to be working with her. I think she will challenge me in a different way than my trainer. I think the shake up for my body is a good good thing. So excited!!!

She is really excited to help me and said that she can totally see me at the fitness level I want for myself.

How about you...are you facing your fears?

Keep focused!!


  1. I sure am and it's not pleasant! Getting healthy is hard work, but I know in the end it will be worth it. I'm so proud of you for facing your fears!

    I never got your email w/ your #...would love to talk to you.

    Love and blessings!!!

  2. Glad your transition went smoothly...when I was working with trainers, that was a scary thing to make the switch. You develop a pretty big bond since they see you at your best and worst.

  3. You are strong! How good is that.


  4. Glad the session went well. I think we are always stronger than we give ourselves credit for :)

  5. SaWEET!! You ARE really strong and fit girl!! I am amazed by you and your energy. You def. don't seem like your age at all!

    Rock on!

  6. my mom talked to me today..and she has been working out for quite some time..and she said she was able to lift her couch today...I thought that was pretty cool. I was very happy to hear it. I am glad you are facing your fears. It's the hardest part. I know it is for me.