Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Non Scale Victory!

As you may know, I'm was down to 204 pounds (my lowest weight in years.....I mean years!!!) in November. I maintained that weight all through Christmas and then we planned a vacation to Austin, where instead of indulging in vacation food, I decided to focus on my weight lost and fitness plan. I worked my butt off in the gym...for hours, I halved everything with my Hubby....Did not have a full meal to myself. We ordered chicken and veggies most of the time, did have 1 pasta and 1 Mexican meal. Again all halved, Hubby always getting the larger share of everything. I did all this only to come back 9 pounds up! HUH!?!?!

Well I have struggled with those 9 pounds and I have 5 more to go to get back to 204 pounds. It's been difficult and frustrating. Anyway, I went to see my trainer last night and we decided it was time to do a little measuring.

Chest down 1"
Waist down 3/4"
Hips down 2 1/2" - WOW!!
Thighs up 1/2" (All those squats and lunges!!)
Calves down 1"

4.75" off!! This was down from my measure date of 11/14/11. So even though the scale is not reflecting weight loss, my body is!! I will take it!!

Also, this guy was talking to my trainer and he said, "You're really working her!" and my trainer said, "She's doing great" and he said. "Yeah, she really rocks!"

Weird, I'm sitting right there and this whole conversation is going on....Part of me wanted to say, "Hey, I can hear you!!" The other part was really excited to hear what he had to say!!

More fun stuff.....Hubby is on board with this whole health and fitness thing. We are both taking the day off on Friday and we are strategizing our food. We are cleaning out our cupboards and all his hiding places. Then we are going shopping and then for a bike ride. (I'm thinking about doing something crazy, but I want to map out the route first!)

I AM SO EXCITED AND JAZZED to have a partner in this next phase of my journey. Not that he's not been there supporting me, but now, he's going to do the same thing I am and will come to the gym with me more. That will be awesome!!

Good things are happening!!!

How are you doing?  Do you have some non scale victories to share?

Keep focused!


  1. What an exciting post! I'm so glad that you're so motivated and have your husband on board. As for the trip and the unexpected weight gain, in spite of sharing meals. I have been there myself. I usually chalk it up to the extra salt and fat in the food that may be hidden, if it's restaurant food. I have had the same thing happen. The important thing is that you're working so hard and it's coming off!

  2. It sounds like things are indeed going good. Most importantly, it sounds like you are having fun!!

  3. I had a very similar experience last year. I was stuck at 160 and no matter how much I worked out and counted calories I couldnt lose any more. I was venting at the gym one day and they insisted on measuring me and my measurements were down several inches.

    Now....I could just kick myself for not being happy at 160 since I am now back up to 202... But hey, its all part of the journey.


  4. Thanks for your encouraging blogs! Yes even this one when you blog you've gained! We've all been there, but you've encouraged us to not give in to it, do something about it. I'm happy for you that your husband is more on board and sharing this journey with you.
    God Bless-Kara Lea

  5. Great job my friend! Those vacations can wreak havoc on weight loss. It's so unfair that it never comes off as fast as it went on! Hang in there...you'll get there.

  6. It is possible you are gaining muscle hence weight gain. It is great that you are not getting overly obsessed about it. Winter is not an easy time of year for losing weight.
    Great you have a partner on your journey. It is always easier not do it it solo.
    Hey, spring is just around the corner. That will make weight loss even easier.

  7. Wow! Your inches lost are awesome! I agree that maybe its muscle weight. Keep up the great work!

  8. Another victory: you didn't give up when the scale didn't budge! I honestly would have been discouraged. You persevered! This is a GREAT testimony about not listening too closely to the scale and just keep doing what you know is right for your body. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Congrats that defiantly encouraged me to keep trying.