Sunday, February 19, 2012

Making it fun!

I am still up about 8 pounds from my Austin trip in January. When I left I weighed in at 204 pounds and came back, after 1 week at 213. I'm still coming in at 212 pounds.....even with all of my extra focus, diligence and exercise! What in the world?

I have to take you back to when I first started. All I did to start losing pounds was journal my food and drink water. Then after a short time, I added exercise.

Back then, I did not have the fancy smancy Bodybugg, calories books, fancy fitting shoes, no BPA Free water bottles, no dry fit workout clothes, no blogs, no trainers, no nutritionists, no fancy vitamins, protein bars, no statistics, or anybody watching me...I did not have any of this.....All I had when I started was my enthusiasm....that's it and I lost weight!

The minute I got a little success I started making this journey hard. Now not only do I journal my food, but I have to make sure I get my calories under the right value, I have to drink so much water, I have to get so much exercise. I even have a thing that tells me when I did not make my goals. I have more information and tools now than I've ever had and I'm not losing weight! I'm stuck. In fact, when I really focus and really put my energies into my plan. I gain weight. HUH!?!?!?!

Somethings not right!!!

Have you ever heard of this? You know...when you get an idea about something, at least for me, when this happens I chew on it for a while. Then within a short time, I will either hear something, or someone tells me something that mirrors the same thing I'm thinking. It's like a confirmation, that what you are thinking is right. It even better when you get more than one confirmation. If I get three, then I really start listening and rethink my thinking.

So here it is......

My first thought is...."Joy, you are putting waaaay to much into all of this. You live, "eat" and breathe your weight loss and fitness plan. You schedule your whole life around getting to the gym. You plan every meal, every calorie, measuring everything. You've put so much into trying to help others that you are not even helping yourself. You are worrying every day that you are not where you want to be. You've put a lot of stress on yourself, to perform at the gym and on the scale. You've totally taken the fun out of this journey."

I was thinking back to the good old days....when I was actually losing weight and I kept thinking to myself, at that time, that this journey is so much fun! I was having a blast and could not even think why everyone wasn't doing it. Well then I mucked it up by putting so much stress and pressure on myself and worrying about my progress, that I made it no fun anymore.

So that was the first thing that made me think I'm need to make a change.

Then I ran across this scripture that helped remind me that I needn't worry:

Matthew 6:34
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Then finally last night, I was listening to this radio program and they had a guest on there that was saying when we put so much emphasis, stress and worry, on our plans instead enjoying the journey, it will stall out our progress. He had a lot more to say about this, but this is the one thing that caught my attention.

SO there it is again......3 times I was reminded to not worry about the plan in my life. And I am so ready to listen. So here it is.....I'm still working my plan. But what I'm not going to do is beat myself up anymore if things don't happen as fast as I want them.....("It's not a's not a race!!!!") I'm going to put the fun back into my life.....I'M GOING TO ENJOY THIS PROCESS, ENJOY THE PLAN, ENJOY EATING AND EXERCISE. I'm going to have some fun with this!!

I'm taking the dread, the stress, the pressure out of my plan and replacing it with enthusiasm, miracles, excitement, and fun!

I will reach my goals, I will work hard and I will focus, but I'm going to do all this with some fun!!

Whew....feel like a load has been lifted from my shoulders.

How about you. Are you having fun with your journey?

Keep focused!


  1. Oh my gosh Joy I think you have hit it square on the head. I was thinking the very same thing the other day. I focus so much on what I need to do that i forget how to enjoy life. Yesterday my hubby wanted to have a "fun" day and was in a really good mood but I had a hard time focusing on it because we were headed to a funeral and I knew that there would be a lunch after the service. I was so obsessed with worrying about what would be served and how much I could have I totally forgot that it was supposed to be a fun day. Thank you for bringing me back to reality. I'm going to clean out all my diet paraphanalia and get back to the basic of living and having fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Yes, Joy, at this stage in my journey, I am having fun with it. And that has not always been the case. Much like you, I found myself in a place where every waking moment had SOMETHING to do with food and/or dieting. And like you, my weight was going in the wrong direction. So I am firmly in agreement with your mindset turnaround. Just be very cautious that you remain disciplined using those instinctive good habits that you've learned. As you always say, keep focused, just stop being obsessive. There's a big difference!

  3. Remember that a healthy fit body is simply a reflection of how you are living your life. Live it right, and eventually it will change to reflect that. That's why it's about a healthy lifestyle and not the scale. If every day is going the way it should, then your body will eventually reflect it.

    That being said, if you know you are dead on and honest in your calculations and nothing has changed for about 4-6 weeks? Might be time to make a small trip to your doctor.

  4. Yep, I'm with you 100%. In the past when I've been OBSESSED with weightloss all day everyday I would do excellent until something else non weight loss went wrong and then everything would crumble. This time around I am just living life and making better decisions.. no obsessions just life. .and its awesome :0) Good for you Joy!

  5. I know for myself sometimes I get so caught up in all the other stuff, like counting calories/steps/whatever that I think I'm making progress, but all I'm doing is using up energy.

    You've got the right stuff. You have a sensitive heart and a sensible head. You'll make the adjustments that you need to. You'll zip right down to your goal weight in due time.

    Sometimes, I think these little side journeys are teaching us things we need to know to keep the weight off too. Try to consider the blessing, learn the lesson and move on.

  6. I so agree with this! I'm learning that I can't take myself or my mistakes SO flippin seriously. Like if I mess up, I suddenly ruined my whole life and the whole universe. Life goes on and it's not that big of a deal. Because DUUUU.... I'm not perfect! What do I expect. If I can't laugh at myself then I really am not fun for myself or anyone.

    Can we just sometimes laugh at this journey?
    Can we just cheer ourselves on and make it more fun?

    I like that. You go girl!!!


  7. such a fantastic point.
    the more I fret worry and try to CONTROL the more everything backfires.