Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm still up 6 pounds from my trip to Austin. Things have been so difference since I've been back. Came home the first week having to prep my house to be painted, work and just life stuff. The next week and a couple of days were spent painting and visiting with our son. This week, I've tried to get back to normal. Since Austin and with all of the busyness of life, I have been so lax on my morning Treadmill time and I've lost my variety in food selections. I feel I'm on auto pilot.....but going nowhere with my weight loss.

Just now, I have my workout clothes on....yes....I'm getting onto the Treadmill....even if it kills me....Anyway, I happen to look down and my legs looks soooo fat. I have not seen this for a while, have my legs changed that much in 3 weeks. I mean, prior to Austin, I was on the Treadmill 5-6 days per week. Since I've been back, it's been, maybe 3 days per week. (I have also made it to see my trainer and other classes, but I've been lax with the treadmill) Can this short a time, of inactivity, really make that much difference. That is scary!!!

Right now, I feel as big as I did when I weighed 274 pounds. That is a terrible feeling!

This weekend I will be facing nothing but food situations that will be out of my control. Frankly I'm worried for myself, as I can't seem to get on my path.

Anyway, all I can do for today, is make the best choices I can. I'm going to exercise, drink my water and eat my healthy food.

I will let tomorrow worry for itself and when I get there, I'm going to still make good choices and do what I know is the right thing for me.

How are you going to handle this weekend - with all the football parties and festivities?

Keep focused!


  1. On day at a time, my friend. You will get your mojo back... be patient and kind to yourself! Good job getting on that treadmill this morning... you can work it girl! I hope you have a wonderful healthy weekend!!

    God bless...

  2. My goodness! You won't need a workout after beating yourself up so bad. :) Come on now! Look at your progress. Look at the fact that you even think about getting on the treadmill. Maybe you just need a little time to breathe. A good stretch workout might do wonders for you today. :) LOL!

  3. I like the idea that you can start making good choices today. Seems like a lot of us are struggling. I know I am. I hope you can find some motivation, but also some peace along the way. Actually, I made a video about this last week. You can see it at
    Sending you good thoughts...

  4. You got this Joy!
    Tommy is a big Pats fan and doesn't want to go to any parties (he would rather celebrate or face defeat alone than with people that don;t care about the game we will be watching the game at home ...I haven't decided what our food will be...something snackish rather than our typical dinner.

  5. I'm struggling a lot myself, but you know what? I have to remind myself that I am still me. For some reason I get stuck in the muck, and then the food starts playing a bigger part than it should, because of how it ties into weight and gaining, and then it's this huge thing. Maybe it's not the food, maybe it's life... anything, good or bad happening that needs your focus, but it's hard to bring yourself consistently to do so? Well, that's my problem anyway... :)

    Remember, above all, to be truly kind to yourself. Let yesterday go, and use today to wake up tomorrow better off than you were yesterday.

  6. Just keep going, don't let yourself slow down. You'll regret not pulling it together down the road, so just do it. You can do this!

  7. We tend to quit every part of our efforts if the eating isn't what we know it should be. You can still drink the 64 oz. of water each day and exercise 3 - 5 times a week regardless. Staying consistent with those two things will bring the rest of you back around. If you journal your food journal it - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Your brain/emotions will return to diet mode. The eating may be the last thing to come around but it will come around. That's four important things and if the eating is the only part that's missing, you are 75% to the good. Hang in there.

  8. I tagged you!! Go to my blog & check it out!!

    YOU'RE IT!!

  9. OMG girl...I so know what you mean! I'm slowly getting all the way back on the wagon. I just feel soo soo busy and like there isn't enough time in the day. Guess I need to revisit my time management skills! Good luck, chin up, and stay focused! I'll do the same

  10. Anyway, all I can do for today, is make the best choices I can. I'm going to exercise, drink my water and eat my healthy food.

    I will let tomorrow worry for itself and when I get there, I'm going to still make good choices and do what I know is the right thing for me.

    My dear...that is what I try and do every day...and you'll do it too.

  11. You know... Downsizers has a really good point. There are several components to this journey to health, and if you can't seem to get them all squared away immediately, then you can work on them one at a time.

    Build up momentum. FEEL that feeling of victory, even if it's only in one area. That will bleed over into the other areas. I'm not just talking thru my hat here, I've experienced that many times.

    Success breeds success. And as you do better n better at water, exercise, or other goals you choose, it'll get you so fired up you will WANT to get the eating squared away again. You'll be motivated and on on fire again, all from the results of your own good choices.

    Like you said, regardless of the situation you find yourself in, you can make the best choice you can.

    Have a wonderful Sunday... relax, enjoy, and be proud of your good choices. You can do this. :-)

  12. I thank taking a short break is a wonderful idea - it gives you some perspective in how hard this really, really is and not to take the progress for granted.

    Just hit the treadmill again and again and pretty soon it's back to an ingrained habit and you are back on track before you even know it!

    Congrats on the awesome weight loss so far!

  13. Hi Joy, Honey,(if I may),

    My heart is reaching out to you.

    You are having a rough time.


    You cannot fail because God is with you. Quick, lots of worship while you work.

    You're doing a good job. Remember Nehemiah where he had to rally the troops.... the wall was half built and all the nay sayers etc got to work to undermine their confidence. Nehemiah chapter 4

    His answer was to work in groups, support each other and pick up your own tools and go to it. Well that sounds something like it anyway.

    Progress always brings us to this point of despair or depression where we lose our optimism but you have the strength to get up and go well again.

    Take a little time to ponder with God. I think you'll be OK. If not, let us know and we stand shoulder to shoulder with you.


  14. It will come, and I think exercising regularly will be a big help in getting on track. If I make myself do that, usually the other pieces of my program will follow.