Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Injury!!

Went to the doctors the other day. First time I saw her since May. That is an all time record for me, as last year I was in her office at least once a month or more for one ailment or another. I was trying to hold off from seeing her until the first of the year. I wanted to wait until my physical so I could dazzle her with how I look after losing 50+ pounds.

Unfortunately I was unable to wait. For the past month or so, my right elbow has been causing me some trouble. It hurts right on the bone that sticks out. Well you can finally see mine, no more fat there!! Anyway, the pain kind of gradually increased to now, if I bump it, it almost sends me through the roof.

I suspected I had Tennis Elbow and wrote to my doctor to see if she could give me a home remedy. And wisely, she said I had to go see her for an official diagnoses. Bummer!

So off I went...I'm sitting there waiting for her, anticipating her response to my new found health and fitness and she finally flies into the room and says, "Well, stand up and give me a twirl." Which I happily did. She gushed on and on and said how proud she was of me. We talked a little bit about my goals and my blood pressure which has not gone down. Perplexing...I thought with weight loss and exercise I'd see improvement. Not the case at this point.

After her thorough examination she said, "Well had the right have Tennis Elbow." Bummer.....

So she's shipping me off to my friend, the physical therapist!! We are quite familiar with each other....

After my doc gave me the official diagnoses, I said, "I've had 3 exercise overuse injuries in eleven months....knee, chest wall contusion and now Tennis Elbow....What's up with that?"

She said, "Well what you are doing is a whole lot better than getting...sitting on your butt, watching TV injuries. Those lead to death!"

Well said!!!

So I have a choice to make. I can be bummed out because I have to take the time and money to get my wing fixed. And/or I can turn back to my old ways and just give up ~ I mean I have more parts I can injure, if I give up now, I would have less chances of having more injuries? Save me the trouble!!!

Or I can buck up...get to my Physical Therapy and do everything they say to do. And I can continue to strengthen my body (to hopefully prevent more injuries) and keep pushing through!!!

I chose the latter. I'm gonna fight through this thing. I gonna get to that finish line. I don't care what it takes!!

How about you...are you fighting through injuries. If so, keep focused!!!


  1. So sorry to hear about your injury but good for you getting it checked out! Now you're on the path to recovery! Hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. I love your choice... better to take care of yourself with your injuries now than to kill yourself with sitting around clogging your arteries! Bummer that you have to do that but kudos' for making your health a priority! You're worth it. :)


  3. Great choice! I have had a fractured toe (much better now) and chronic achilles tendonitis. That has meant that I have't been able to be as active as I have wanted to be. At one point, I tried to push through and force it, but I learned that if I don't take care of my injuries, I will be inactive for a lot longer or maybe permanently. When I read the blogs, I sometimes run across those who are so eager to continue their exercise routine that they reinjure their knees, feet, etc. There has to be a happy medium, and it sounds like you have found it. Good luck

  4. Sorry about the elbow. I had that in my 20's so I know how painful that can be.

    I love the doctor's anaolgy about sitting on your butt injuries. I'm going to remember that next time I don't feel like working out. I'll call my big belly, my sitting on the butt injury!

  5. Sorry to hear about your injury. I had a bone spur in my arm a few years ago, and I know how painful those can be. I hope it heals quickly!

  6. Love this post! Yes, injuries stink but hopefully it will get better. About the blood pressure thing...I check mine at the local store because every time I go to the dr it is always high. I think its a bit of white coat syndrome. I am not the biggest fan of going to the dr. Anyway, I was right. Its always good at the store, not so good at the dr :(


  7. So far, no injuries for me from exercise, although I have a little tennis elbow from computer word processing! Seriously, I hope you see that PT and are on the mend soon! At our age, well, there will be more injuries....

  8. Sorry about the injury, but I love your determination!

  9. Ouch! That tennis elbow can really hurt. My husband had a recent bout with it and the doctor had him slip on an arm sleeve which helped with the pain considerably. I'm fighting the pain in my back; grateful that I don't have any other for the moment. LOL

  10. "Well what you are doing is a whole lot better than getting...sitting on your butt, watching TV injuries. Those lead to death!"

    Wow, what a zinger! I'd never thought of it that way before.
    I'm sorry to hear you have tennis elbow ( I've had that, too). But I guess it's better than the alternative, the TV-itis kinds that leads to death. Hope you feel better fast. :-)