Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are you stronger than you think?

Every day I find out new things about myself. It's like when you go from an infant to a toddler, all of a sudden, the whole world opens up to you and you begin to explore.

That's what's happening to me, again!!

I don't know what happens in life, but it seems you go from a child to a teenager, so full of expectation and excitement for life. I remember thinking I could do anything I wanted to do and felt like I could conquer the world. Then I got married at 18 and had 2 kids by the time I was 22. Then the next 27 years of my life, I filled my time with being a wife and a mother.

Not really conquering the world, but definitely making a difference.

Now that the kids are gone, my world has opened up again and I'm able to explore.

Fortunately because I got smart and started working on my health, I have the energy to get out there and do things.

From the time I was about 30 until last January, I allowed my health to deteriorate. I had Hemi Facial Spasms, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, both knees and feet problems, chronic ear problems, iron deficiency, Endometriosis, Carpal Tunnel, bunions, sleep apnea, and of course I was 130 pounds over weight.

Because of my health problems and length of my sedentary lifestyle I forgot how to, squat, kneel, do jumping jacks, run, sit like a lady, and many other things. Quite often, I will do something and realize that I could never do that thing prior to January 2010. I was either too fat or too weak to do it.

Prior to last January, the best I could be was a good wife, good employee, good mother & grandma, and the greatest TV watcher in the whole world. That was me. That was the best I could do.
Now.....Because of the weight loss and my new fitness level, the WHOLE world has opened back up to me!! I am able to do so many things!!

Now I am a great wife, great employee, great mother, and grandma. Plus I can now be a good friend, volunteer my time, be creative, run errands, spend a lot of time on my health & fitness, do fun things and explore the world. I am having a blast!!!

Here's where the stronger than you think thing comes in....Every day I get a little stronger, every day I push myself to a new limit, just a little at a time. However, last Tuesday, I decided to try something new....

I think I've shared my experience with the Elliptical. Not a friendly machine to me. The first time I got on the thing, in just about 2 seconds I experienced extreme pain in my hip and could only do it for a short time. Then my AMAZING trainer kept after me to try it again. Reluctantly I did. That time I was able to do it for 5 minutes, still experiencing pain in my hip, but I did it. Then she asked me to do it again. This time for 10 minutes, doing intervals ~ 15 seconds at super speed, than back to normal speed. Well I did it and lived!! Whew!!

So last Tuesday, I needed to burn about 200 calories and I had a limited amount of time. I could do it on the Treadmill, but it takes me 40 minutes to get there. I searched out the other machines in the gym and realized that my salvation lies within my "NEW" friend ~ the Elliptical.
Without hesitation, I approached my friend, got on it, gave it all I had.....and I was able to do it for 30 minutes without stopping, without pain, sweating like a pig and achieved my 230 calorie burn I needed!!!
Do you think I busted a new belief barrier? YOU BET I DID!!!
I did not think I could do it. But I did!!
There are so many things in my life, that I "THINK" I cannot do. However, I am learning that when I change my "ATTITUDE" and set my mind to it. I CAN DO IT!!

How about you "Think" you can't do things? If so, change your ATTITUDE!!!
Keep focused!!!


  1. This is the part that I am seeing, Joy: you've always been a great mom, wife, friend, employee, etc....but now, you realize that YOU are just as important to be cared for, and you are doing just that - caring for YOU, and it shows!

  2. What a great post! I love finding new things that I can do!

  3. Awesome post! Congratulations! :)

  4. Joy - it truly is amazing what we can do once even a little bit of the weight comes off. Or when we believe in our own minds that we actually can do something. Good for you!