Sunday, November 21, 2010

I was recently tagged by my blog friend Kimberlynn over at mindingmyweigh. I've never been tagged before, but the rules of this 'Tag' are unique in that I get to pose four new questions to four new people when I'm done. Sounds like fun, huh? Well, first things first.

Here are my answers to Kimberlynn's four questions.

1. Once you hit goal, are you worried about gaining the weight back? Why or why not?

No, because what I'm doing I can do for the rest of my life. I did not start a new diet, I changed my lifestyle ~ FOREVER!

2. What is your favorite vegetable and how do you prepare it? I love a lot of vegetables, but if I have to choose's cooked carrots. I cook them until they are just soft, then I add a smidgen of butter and I mean a smidgen, then salt & pepper. Real simple, but they taste like candy to me. Oh and I also love, love, love beats!! YUM!!!

3. How does blogging help or hinder your weight loss efforts? I love talking to people, getting ideas and sharing what's going on in my life. Sometimes I put too much time into my blog and neglect other things or even my health. There have been nights that I stay up too late to get caught up on reading blogs and then I'm too tired to function the next day. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BEHAVIOR!!! . What, if anything, are you giving yourself as a reward once you've reached goal? I am working for a Charm Bracelet from Tiffany's. It cost around $400 or so. I would never, ever buy something like this for myself. So when I get it, and I will, it will be a treasured gift, because I know how much effort and sweat went into getting this prize!

Now, here are four new questions...

1. What has been the most difficult thing for you to overcome in losing weight?

2. What's your favorite form of exercise, how often do you workout, and how long do your workouts take?

3. Do you take time to pamper yourself, and if so, how?

4. If you could change only one bad habit, what would it be and why?'re it!!!

Finding the thin within

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I don't think I followed Kimberlynns instructions, oh well. Have fun with this!!

Keep focused!!!


  1. I feel the same way on your answer to #1. :)
    So how do you prepare beets? I have never really eaten beets... what are some good ways to cook or eat them?

    Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving Week!!


  2. Hey thanks for the TAG! I answered your questions tonight =)

    <3 Katie