Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Walking the Talk!!

You have not seen me around lately because I'm doing what I'm always preaching about. And that is...

I'm taking care of myself!!!

Things have been nuts around here!!! A couple of weeks ago, I got this crazy idea, that I should bake and decorate cookies for the Portland Rescue Mission, as a Thanksgiving gift to the homeless and less fortunate people of our city.

Great idea!?!

When I had a meeting with our church group leaders and the leaders of the mission, they thought it was a FANTASTIC idea and they asked if I could make enough for all of the people who will come to the mission on Thanksgiving Day. And I said "yes". Ahem..."and how many would that be?"

Oh....about 500 people!!!

Can I just say YIKES!!!

Originally I thought I would make them myself....but the wise wisdom of my team and my hubby and of course God (who knew I could not do this on my own) decided I needed help.

So this has been a week long process. Last Monday I made 33 batches of dough, then last Thursday, I spent my holiday, at our church, rolling, cutting and baking the cookies. Fortunately I had 4 fantastic helpers and we whipped em out in no time at all.

Then the big day came....Saturday. There were four of us and we piped the edges of the cookies (which is basically creating a dam for the runny frosting), then we flooded the cookies (with the runny frosting) and then we put decorative swirls on each one. We were able to complete 320 cookies that day. Whew!!!!

Then Sunday we were scheduled to complete the rest. Unfortunately, one of my helpers cancelled and the other helper had been with me through the whole process and was looking a little peaked by this time. In addition, she's planning on preparing and serving 80 people for Thanksgiving (for the step up group from the mission). I could tell she was starting to unravel, so I told her I would finish it up myself.

No sweat right?

Well....Sunday, I bagged and put ribbon on all of the finished cookies ~ all 320 of them!! And then I piped, flooded and swirled about 80 more!!

Then Monday, I was back at it and bagged and tied ribbons on the 80 I did on Sunday and last night I frosted 44 more. And finally tonight I will bag em!!

I did not quite make my 500 cookie goal. But I think it's what God wanted us to have and I'm happy with what we got accomplished!!!

Hey, I did not really know how this was going to come around to weight loss, but here's something that just occurred to me.

Since January 2010, I have set two goals. The first one was, I wanted to lose 60 pounds from January to the first of September ~ for our sons wedding. Well, I did a great job, I put in a ton of focus and I really worked it, but I came up 10 pounds short of my goal.

Then after that goal, I decided that I needed to set a new goal. So I announced here, to everyone, that I wanted to lose 20 more pounds by Christmas.....

Crickets Chirping....

I have lost 3 so far and I have a month to go. I don't think I'm going to make this goal. "Sniff!"

Part of me wants to stop setting goals. I'm mean what's the point, can't achieve them anyway. Can't even do it with the cookies.

But here's what is just coming to me. I think it's necessary to set goals. I need something to focus on, to strive for. Then I need to do the work, do the best I can and then some. And then the rest is really up to God.

I was disappointed that I did not hit the first goal. But it did not stop me from feeling great at my sons wedding. He was so proud of me!!

I am disappointed that I did not get 500 cookies made. But you know that I have worked myself as hard as I can to get this done. Not to mention that I've worked a full time job, had family over to my house one day, gone to church and helped serve there...And I've kept my eating and calories under control, got my water in, exercised all week and got to bed on time each night. Did not let the stress of this whole thing take me down. I did what I had to do, but I also took care of myself!!! I put myself first!!!!

I am really proud of what I got done. I know that there will be just enough cookies for all of the people who come through the line for their Thanksgiving meal. I trust God, he knows exactly what we need. I trust that he won't disappoint those who need a little extra love!

So for this Christmas goal of losing 20 pounds.....Probably not gonna make it. But I'm going to give it my all, I'm going to keep pushing and keep focused on this goal. Who knows, I might just make this one happen!!

How are you doing during this busy season. Are you focused???


  1. I have come to believe that there is more to be gained in what we learn from NOT reaching a set goal than in what we quickly forget when a goal is reached. So yes, I continue to set goals and I think we should always have something for which to strive, but in the past when I failed to reach a set goal at a certain time was when I generally began backsliding. I've now learned to try having a back-up plan usually in the form of a supportive person for when a goal I've set is obviously not going to be met.

    Great job on the cookies and what an admirable quest! You are obviously a caring person.

  2. You have done FANTASTICALLY! Seriously, to do all that service and still take care of yourself and not let the stress bring you down, that is quite a feat!! Weather you've reached your specific goal or not, you reaching most of it and that is a lot! So kudos to you girl!!


  3. I'm a big believer in setting goals, but have been learning the hard way that goals with deadlines may not be the best thing. I wrote about this recently in a post. The only thing we can really control is our choices, our thoughts, and attitude. The fact that you've been able to do so much AND still take care of yourself speaks louder than reaching a goal ever could!!! You're an amazing woman.

  4. Great job on the cookies. I'd have been tempted to taste test a few and then have even less!!

    Goal setting has always been an issue with me. I seem to think that I can do better/more than I actually can. I probably would have tried to make 500 cookies alone for instance.

    If I had 1,000 things to do and did 999 of them well, I would focus only on the one thing not done well. So, I am very glad to see that you are reminding yourself of the things that you have done.

    No matter what the weight is gone. The rest will follow. It may take longer than you like, but it will definitely follow, if you keep working your plan, and you will.

  5. I believe in setting goals...absolutely! But after about 1/2 a year of losing weight I realized my average weight loss was about a pound a week... not the 2 pounds a week I so desperately wanted it to be. At that point I really had to reassess my goals and make them in the realistic range. This REALLY helped me to not be dissapointed, which for me, often lead to self-sabotage. Remember every little pound adds up. They are all important.

    Another idea is to set a non-scale related goal, like number of workouts, or tracking food, etc. etc. whatever you think will help you be succesfully.

    You are doing awesome!

  6. have been So busy!!!! I give you all the credit in the world. what an amazingly unselfish and giving thing for you to do. Well done :)


  7. Joy, first of all, as soon as I read the number '500' I stopped and read it again, thinking I had to be wrong! The decision to do that is so remarkable and you certainly gave it your best effort. You know, that's the only thing we can really ever do: just try our best. We weren't meant to succeed in everything we do (in particular, your weight loss goal) because remember, if we did - the rewards wouldn't be nearly as sweet. I feel that you have done beautifully and am very, very proud of you.

  8. great job on those cookies, you know...if you had gone in halfhearted I highly doubt you would have made over 400 cookies. setting that goal helped push you. setting goals is a good thing. great job...and three pounds is three pounds. Keep up the good work.

  9. HI Joy,
    Great work with the cookies. I think it is terrific that you are taking care of yourself. Yep, you did not quite make your goals, but, you have done a great job. I am proud of you and your commitment to your own health and those that are less fortunate. Michele

  10. I can understand your thoughts on "goals". I set them often, but then fail to come through, and they end up falling on the wayside. I'm still working on that though!

    Great job on the cookies! I'm sure they'll all appreciate getting cookies on Thanksgiving! Maybe you could share the recipe you use for the flooding part? :)