Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reving UP

Is your calendar filling up? Do you have a lot to do and not enough day? Are already feeling the holiday stress? Are you sick? Are you tired? Are you already sick and tired?

If you said "YES" to any of the above. It's time to slow down, I know that a nutty thing to say, but it's time to slow down and "Evaluate" what's most important!
And that most important thing right now is "YOU"!!!!

Sure...sure, I know you have 30 people coming over to your house in a couple of weeks. Oh you're cooking your first Thanksgiving meal for your new husband and his "MOTHER"!! Yikes!!

Or maybe you're going through a tough time right now ~ your finances are tight, there is no money for a Thanksgiving meal...or there is someone in your family who is sick...maybe you're sick right now. Too much to face right now.

And some of us have Thanksgiving under control and have already moved on to Christmas. The frenzy has begun!!
Whatever it is...take some time for you. Get out your notebook and "STRATEGISE" the holidays. See what really fits into the festivities. If that thing does not fit, DON'T DO IT...It's OK!!! While you are strategizing, make sure you get your health and fitness onto the list!!
I have a festive notebook that I keep my "To Do" items in. I have numbered each page..day 1, day 2, day 3 and as it goes until the big event. On the inside cover of the notebook, I list all the things that need to be done. Then I take those things and list them, in priority order, into my schedule. I probably have 25 things I need to do for my event. If I list "some" of them down each day, it does not make the task so daunting. It's very manageable. When I think of new things, I just put it on a day that I can "HANDLE" that item.
After the lists are done and I'm faced with a new day. I always make sure I take care of myself first. Up at 5:00am for exercise. I take time to spend with the Lord ~ praying and reading my Bible. I make sure I have a bottle of water and my breakfast and then I get ready for work.

On the way to work, I drink another bottle of water. During the day, I have a snack and water, a good lunch ~ Oh yeah, I work my butt off for my employer and on the way home I have another bottle of water.

After work is when I get the bulk of my "To Do" things done...and I always...well if it's out of my control I don't...but I always have myself in bed by 10:00pm or sooner!! I make sure I get enough sleep!!
Weekends can be nuts. Keep the same exercise, food and water routine. And for goodness sakes, don't stay up too late. Get your rest!!!

Bottom line is...if you don't take care of yourself...you won't be good for anything or anybody. Look how bad off we were before we started all this. We don't want to lose any ground or go backwards. We want to get done, what needs to be done and do it without compromising ourselves.

For the first time in our lives, lets be stress free, organized, have fun and really enjoy the holidays.

We can do it!!

Are you with me?

Keep focused!!


  1. For me, it's fitting exercise in. I'm finding that time is a factor of getting it in, and though I've managed to do okay now, it's going to get even tougher the next few months! I guess that's when I have to make sure I don't overdo it on the eating part.

  2. So true... preparation is the KEY. Drinking lots of water, getting lots of sleep... Do you really get to bed by 10pm? That would be a dream... I so need to work on that. Okay, I am inspired to do it!! Thank you! :)


  3. This was a very timely post for me. I am sick with some kind of a virus, and I have a fractured toe. We're leaving on a 4-day trip next Monday, and I'm having Thanksgiving at my house, in addition to a couple other family dinners in early December. I'm feeling the stress and fatigue. I needed this reminder to take care of myself. Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks for this reminder! I had to take a half day off work this morning because I was so exhausted and just plain overdid the last week or so.

    I am trying so hard to find time to do things I enjoy a little each day (reading, photography, scrapbooking, a warm bath) instead of getting bogged down by all the must dos (like raking leaves...yuck!).

  5. Joy, thanks for this post. Even though we are done with Thanksgiving (I honestly don't know how you can do two big holidays almost back to back), Christmas is coming. I like you idea of making a list and then dividing over the days. Certainly makes things look more doable. Thanks for the advise, I'm on the hunt for my notebook. I may have to buy a new one and label one page "Find My Notebook!"

  6. Great post. Nothing wrong with treating yourself for the Holidays....as long as you dont ever do it. And ... tracking certainly is key!


  7. This is a great post, and one I really needed today. I'm with you! :)

  8. I'm hearing you on this one!!! I'm on it. Thanks for the inspiration.