Monday, May 31, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Hi just got my first Beautiful Blogger award from Sarah at Check out her Blog. I love her because she's funny, insightful and a success!! She's lost an amazing 95.8 pounds!!! She looks great!! She is changing her life for good and making a difference in many people's lives!! Way to go Sarah!!

Accepting this award means I have to tell you 7 things about myself, and pass it on to 7 other bloggers.

Here goes:

7 things:

1.) I love, love, love horseback riding! When I lose another 50 pounds, I'm going!! (Want to spare the horse any undo pain)

2.) I am starting to get the bug to travel. Not just a road trip to Disneyland, but by airplane. I want to see the rest of the country and maybe other parts of the world. (Was always too afraid I would not fit in the airplane seat or it would be too uncomfortable - but I can fit now!) Also would love to go on a cruise!!

3.) Have a novel in my head and can't get it out!! I have the whole story from start to finish, but have not been able to get it on paper ~ yet!!

4.) I would really love to be able to sing!!

5.) I would love to have the time to do it all. Be the super wife, mother and grandmother (Baboo as my grandbabies call me)! Excel at my work, volunteer at my church, write a book, be super fit and thin and do everything to keep it that way, travel, CLEAN MY HOUSE EVERY WEEK - HA!, do crafts, garden, read my Bible and understand it, always do what God wants me to do, pick up trash everywhere, be a great cook and baker, oh and volunteer at the food bank, hospital and hold babies, visit old people.....

6.) I want to be known by my last act and leave a legacy of love, faith, joy, wisdom and health for my children and grandchildren, family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. I want them to see something in me that helps them in their life's journey. The best thing I could think of is someone in their old age, sitting on their porch, rocking in their rocking chair remembering that women (me) who gave to them something (wisdom, love, advise, or whatever) that was beneficial to them ~ something that made a difference in their life. I don't even care if they remember my name, just want to have an impact that changes lives.

7.) I would really like to hug everyone!! I always put Hugs! at the end of my posts. When I do that I'm really sending you a hug. I think hugs are the best thing ever to give and to get!!

Wow to only pick 7 people who have inspired me. That is tough!!

1.) Well my first one goes to
She is an inspiration to me. She's great mom, friend and daughter! I love you!!!

2.) The next award goes to Lindsay at She has lost over 100 pounds and looks great!! She also is training for marathons. I love her Blog because she is funny, inspirational and has great pictures. Very talented!! She's also very kind. Thanks for your many comments!!!

3.) Traci @ She's amazing! She has lost 60 pounds and looks great!! She's another runner - so envious!!! She has a gentle, sweet spirit!

4.) Check out Deb's Blog @ I love her post on Football Wisdom ~ Always fall forward. That really spoke to me!! Deb has lost 69 pounds and has 31 to go. INSPIRATIONAL ~ YOU CAN DO IT!!

5.) Lesia @ She's amazing too!! She's lost 50 pounds so far with only 20 to go. Plus she's had to push through many adversities and still manages to keep on task with her health and weight loss. She's a fighter!!

6.) Sam @ She has lost 30 pounds and has a goal to lose 100. She's well on her way. I love her posts because I can relate to so many things. She's inspirational!!

7.) Onewhocares @ ~ She's just on my mind a lot!! I love her spirit!! She's lost 7 pounds so far with 79 to go. She's strong and I know she will get her weight off!!

There are so many people who are inspirational to me and so many that I admire!! Your words mean so much to me and help me in ways that you don't even realize!!

Keep up the great work EVERYONE!! WE CAN DO THIS!! BELIEVE YOU CAN!!!!



  1. Well, thank you for the kind words and the award! I LOVE awards!!!! :D It's the thought behind the badge, of course, that makes getting one feel so good. Thank you.

    About your 7 things--#s 2 thru 6 could be mine! Especially the loonnngggg one listing all of the things you want to do. Yea, me too. sigh. That's why the Proverbs 31 woman's lamp never went out. hahaha. And it's also what keeps me hanging on to the Lord's hand--I fall so short.

    And, I've always wanted to sing. And I'm sure I'm an undiscovered writer. And, all of a sudden this spring, I've gotten the travel bug, too. I want to go to Wales. Sadly, I now realize that I am not as unique as I once thought. lol.

    Thanks, again. I'll get to my own list of 7 things some time next week.


  2. Thank you for the kind words and the

  3. Awww... thanks for your sweet words. If there is anything I hope for the future it is that I can help other people make the change that I did.

  4. Oh Joy! You are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for your kind words. :)

  5. AWWW your such a sweetie!!! THANKS :)

  6. Thanks Joy, I know this is a little late, but I appreciate the love!!