Monday, May 17, 2010

Something is scaring the heck out of ME!!

The question I've read several times today is "What's your best part", or "What do you think your best feature is". Yikes I have no idea. The weird thing is I can hardly look at myself in a full length mirror. (I only see myself in my makeup mirror - it's very forgiving). I have been told, by most people,that my eyes are my best feature.

Hey something just popped into my brain....When I was in grade school, my mom took me to Obedience Class, I mean Etiquette Class. During one of the sessions we were told to pick a buddy and then sit face to face with each other. We were to "really" look at the other person and decide what their best features were. Well being so "obedient", I mean proper, I did a really good job and pointed out some really nice features of my new buddy. Then it was her turn. Well she just sat there and sat there, looking intently at me and after some really uncomfortable minutes she finally said. "I think your best features are your eyebrows!!" My eyebrows. Wow OK, that was a blow to me. Like I really want my eyebrows to be my best feature...Geez!

So since then, I've not really spent a lot of time looking at myself in a mirror. Unlike others in my family who've spent a lot of time in front of the shiny refrigerator, admiring herself and dancing like nobody's business. LOL (I love you Sis!!)

I just never look at myself. I even have friends, who every chance they get, would steal a look and check themselves out. Geez when I get done with my makeup in the morning, that's the last time I really look at myself in the mirror all day long.

One day, I was thinking I was looking pretty hot and decided to take a peak at the mirror. To my horror, I found my hair was standing straight up where my glasses rest on my ears. It was standing straight up on both sides. It looked like I had wings. Geez why didn't somebody say something...So much for looking hot!

Anyway, oh and pictures. I have very few pictures of me. I am actually surprised that I put one on my Blog. But did you notice ~ it's tiny? (Not me of course, but the picture of me)

So what's the scary part? I think it's taking the time to stop and just really look at myself. Face what is. Not feeling like a loser because I only have great eyebrows, but really loving the me that is.

So I'm asking you the question, "What is your best feature?" Decide for yourself !!



  1. That made me smile. I am sure you have way more good qualities. But having good eye brows would be pretty awesome I think. I hate looking in the mirror too but my daughter is always taking pictures to remind me just how bad I look..(no need to look in a mirror)

  2. Well, hello!

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog--and welcome aboard! Congratulations on your weight loss, too! Great job!

    It's can be tough, that's for sure. (If you look back over my past posts, they bear that out.) But I've found that as I hold tight to Jesus' hand--joy arises. :) Can't get much better than that.


    P.S. The Ettiquette Class sounds rugged. yuk.