Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you know how IMPORTANT YOU ARE?

I have been struggling for a long while! Just so disappointed with the slow progress, injuries and just not feeling well. I was scheduled to see my trainer tonight, and I was kind of getting excited and hopeful that I would have some success today. About 3:00pm I received a phone call from her, telling me that she needed to reschedule our workout. Of course I "joyful" told her that it was not a problem and scheduled our time together for this Wednesday.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I did not exercise this morning because I thought I would get a good workout with her tonight. After her call, I was just deflated and did not want to do anything at all. I kind of thought about the cardio dance class at the gym, but decided because of my slow healing knee that I should not be doing that kind of exercise just yet.

So on the way home, I was praying and earnestly asking the Lord for a sign, a word or a lightening bolt (if necessary) to get me refocused back to where I needed to be. I was really hoping I would see some huge person at the store that would jolt me back to my reality, that I have a lot of work to do and I don't have time to waste. But thankfully I only saw normal people walking around. (Can you imagine that I wanted to see someone fatter than me to make ME feel better). Lord you have a lot of work to do in me!!!

So I got home, very unmotivated and decided that I would spend the evening reading. But before I got locked into my book, I decided to check my blog to see what was going on. Thankfully I had 1 comment. So I opened it up, holding my breath, as I always do when reading people's comments. (I am secretly waiting for someone to tell me that I'm stupid - can you believe that?) Geez!!!

Anyway I had a comment from Lindsey, she said, "Way to choose to keep on fighting!!! Proud of you:)" I tell you that was what I was praying for. Her act of kindness to write a comment to me, made the difference. After reading her message, I got into my exercise clothes and got on the treadmill. I actually walked 2 miles at a steady pace - even with a sore knee and then I did some other floor exercises. BOY DO I FEEL GREAT!!!

I just want to encourage you all and remind you that what we do here, writing our stories and encouraging each other, is so powerful!! What we do here changes lives and touches lives more than we know. Please don't stop doing what you do. Because you are important and you do make a difference!!!

During my walk, I felt the Lord give me these words. Not sure yet what they mean:

"Your simple act of obedience will help you outgrow your expectations for yourself"

Do you know how important you are? I hope you do!!


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