Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the Hot Seat....

First before I share what got me on the Hot Seat, I have to tell you what happened yesterday.

I was able to run with Granddaughter and keep up with her ~ she's
2 1/2. You might not thinks that's a big deal, but when she started walking it was hard for me to keep up. I have to tell you I felt wonderful and just wanted to keep running and running with her!! We had a BLAST!!!

OK ~ Here's what got me on the Hot Seat...I have a lot of goals and dreams and it seems that the weeks are passing by and nothing is getting done. Last week at my Bible study (teaching about Ruth) our Pastor's wife "D" asked us to put together a "focus" poster of our dreams. Of course, on my poster, I had a picture of women in a row boat. I went early because I wanted to talk to "D" about the book she wrote, but she was already talking to someone else. While I was waiting I began talking another lady when "D" came up to me and wanted to see my poster. We talked about each picture and when we got to the row boat she asked me if I really wanted to do this. And I said "YES"! Her eyes got big and she said she wanted to be a rower girl too!! She told me that she would like to organize a row team from our church!!

When the meeting got started, "D" was on stage talking to us about the study and our posters. And right there in front of 500+ women, she mentioned my name and said that she shared the same goal as me, of becoming a rower girl!! Then she said, "If anyone else would like to pursue this dream, they need to see her or Joy for more information."

Well I better get off my bum and check into what we need to do.

See if you share your dream it gets bigger!!

Is it scary? Am I nauseous? Am I exhilarated? YES, YES, YES!!

When are you going to share your dreams? Do it!!



  1. good luck with this... She must have a lot of faith that YOU are the person that will get it done.

  2. Hi Lesia, Thank you for checking out my post and for following my blog!! That's the hard part about getting your dreams out there. Then you have to do something about them....The great thing is I'm ready to tackle them one at a time. More to follow on this one!! Have a great day!! Hugs!