Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have you EVER felt like you've lost your mind?

This week I'm back on track, but the two weeks prior to that were horrifying! I felt like I lost my mind. Like someone came in, took the focused, on track, sane brain from my head and replaced it with some crazed persons brain. During that time, I was so racked with pain (knees & feet) that I just could not focus on my plan. Then I could not sleep well, then I could not get my calories under 2000 each day. Some of the days I did really well with the food, until afternoon, and then that other brain kicked in and I "forgot" what I was supposed to do and I would blow it!

I am so thankful it only lasted for two weeks. There have been times in my life, when my "sane" brain was missing for years on end. I am thankful that did not happen again and I was able to get back on track and focused. Unfortunately, I did a little damage, gained 3 pounds. But once I got my "sane" brain back I got back on my plan and I've lost those 3 pounds, plus one more. I am at my lowest weight, 239!!! (My weight loss ticker on my blog says I was at 239, but that was just before my two week brain freeze - I think I was at 239 for one day, then I gained those 3 pounds) This is the lowest I've weighed in over 6+ years!!

Some highlights...

My trainer is really helping me. When I started 2 months ago, I could only lift 7 pounds - now I'm lifting 35 pounds!! Last night she challenged me...said if I could ride the bike, even for a short time, she would get me on the rowing machine next week. (Last time I tried to ride the bike it hurt so bad, I just sat/rode in tears). So I started riding, did pretty well, no pain. She left for the night and I decided to keep riding. I rode that bike for 1 hour, 11 miles and burned 379 calorie with no pain!!! I'M DOING THE ROWING MACHINE NEXT WEEK - WOO HOO!!!

We have a swing in our back yard. Last year, every time I would sit in it, it would squeak. (Always does that when heavy people are on it - never could get it to stop) THIS YEAR IT DOES NOT SQUEAK - I'M NOT A HEAVY PEOPLE ANY MORE!!!

I have actually passed by food without giving it any thought at all. One day, I did actually notice some sweets and my crazed brain almost got the best of me. But I actually looked at the food and decided it had no appeal to me. I got in the fridge and ate some of my carrots. Weird!!

Went to try on some clothes yesterday. (I recently got into 18-20's - snugly)Yesterday I tried on some 18-20's and they fit just right or were too loose!!! Not sure I can wrap my brain around 14-16's - have not been there for years!!! (But I'm willing to try)

I can actually release my emergency brake, in my car, with my seat belt on. Could not do that before!

I get angry when I can't exercise!

I think that it for now. Feeling pretty good!!

What are some of your highlights? Would like to hear from you!!!


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