Friday, May 21, 2010

Got my Big Girl Panties on...

Have you ever made plans to do something? Something big, something out of your comfort zone? In your mind you work out all the details, you're excited, you know you're going to do it this time and fall flat on your face?

Failure again!

Most of the time that kind of thing happens to me...

But this time, I DECIDED that I was going to make a plan and I was going to make it HAPPEN!!!!

I finally got my big girl panties on!!

Yesterday my husband left for his men's retreat and I decided that even though he's gone, it did not give me license to be a slob, or do nothing, or give up on my plan or eat a bunch of junk. I decided that not only would I keep on task, but I planned to push myself a little bit harder. Yesterday I was a machine, I exercised (30 minutes of cardio & 55 minutes of water aerobics), worked 8 hours, did house chores, took care of the dogs and many more things. I did everything I said I would do.

Today I worked, did errands and went on a 9 mile bike ride. Here's where the big girl panties come in....For the first time in my life, I went on a significant bike ride, by myself. It was about 7:00pm, and because I said I was going on a bike ride today, I was determined to get it done. Well I did not take into consideration the late hour of the day and the storm that was forcasted for tonight. We had huge black rain clouds and I thought I heard a little thunder.

But I would not be deterred. I got my bike clothes on, figured out how to turn my lights on and reset my mile counter thingy (my husband always does this stuff) and I set out. The scariest thing was, were I decided to ride had about 3 inches of bike path and traffic was bad. Still not deterred, I kept on going. Then I saw it - a hill - I almost turned around, but I said to myself, "hey, don't be a quitter - you can do this". And I did!! I make it up that hill, then another, then another!! I could not believe it! It was exhilarating!!

I made it back home just as it got dark and started raining. I am so amazed that I was brave enough to do this on my own!

Tomorrow, is another first, rowing on the river!! Can't wait!!

Are you a big girl? Do you set your plans and make them happen?



  1. Hi Joy! I just stumbled accross your blog from a comment you left on Lesia's blog. My husband is on a mens retreat too. I soooo hear you on doing the bike ride alone!! Wow! Good job.

  2. Congratulations! On your accomplishments--and your courage! Do have fun rowing. :D

    Uh-hmm. Re: the big girl panties. I am pleased to say that they are falling down! I need a smaller size. ahahaha