Sunday, May 2, 2010

Matter of Numbers?

I am not a Rocket Scientist, but I think I've figured something out about this weight loss thing. It just might be a matter of numbers!

This past 6 weeks I have tracked my calorie intake and exercise daily. When I started out I weighed 250.0, now I weigh 240.0. Breakdown below:

Week 1 Weight 250.0 / had an average of 1731 calories per day / Exercised 6 days
Week 2 Weight 246.8 / had an average of 1658 calories per day / Exercised 6 days
Week 3 Weight 245.0 / had an average of 1738 calories per day / Exercised 4 days
Week 4 Weight 245.6 / had an average of 1690 calories per day / Exercised 5 days
Week 5 Weight 244.2 / had an average of 1127 calories per day / Exercised 4 days** Fasting 2 days for medical tests
Week 6 Weight 240.0 / had an average of 1704 calories per day / Exercised 4 days

When I first started my food journal, I only tracked the food I ate, not calories. I got OK results and was able to lose 24 pounds, but it took me months to accomplish this amount of weight loss. I would lose a pound, gain a pound, up 3 pounds, down 2 etc. It was not steady progress.

With tracking calories, I accelerated the process ~ I've lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks!! I think there is something to this calorie in / calorie out thing.

One observation that I've made is it looks like I need to keep my calories around 1500 - 1600, average per week, to get better results. I will continue this experiment and see how I do...Will keep you posted!

Start your experiment today ~ Get started counting your calories & exercise and see where you are in six weeks.


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