Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Challenges...Love them...Hate them!!!

Almost every time I see someone throw out a challenge, I almost never read that blog post. For some reason, when I think about joining one, I get the feeling my back is up against the wall and I'm filled with fear!

Not to say that I can't take one on...if it's for work, no problem. Got a problem at church, I'm there for you. Can't balance your checkbook, well I will work on it until the sun goes down. I'm all over those kinds of challenges.

When it comes to me and my personal health, fitness and weight loss....well that's another story.

Now I can be challenged for short term things, fitness wise. Example, if my trainer says do a plank for a minute, I can do that and maybe give her some more. She can challenge me on any of the weights or machines and I have success. Challenge me to run...NO WAY!!! So I am willing to go only so far.

My journey began because of a challenge. I was watching the movie Julie & Julia and the woman in the story decided to take a year of her life and challenged herself to cook all the recipes in Julia Child's first book. We watched her during that year struggle, be frustrated, have success and failure, but she set her goal and she made it! I was so inspired by that. I loved the thought of committing a year to focus on my health. I got so excited that decided that I wanted to lose 60 pounds by September 5th, for our son's wedding. So I got my trainer and nutritionist, started counting calories and began my fitness training.

The part I hate about challenges, is I missed my mark by 10 pounds. I lost only 50 pounds in 8 months. Good...but I still failed, I did not make my goal....

Starting September 1st, I thought I should set a new challenge. And I threw out to Blogland that I was going to get "MAD" and lose 20 pounds by Christmas. Gratefully a number of you jumped on the band wagon and joined me in my informal challenge. For someone who does not like challenges, not only do I have my own personal challenge going on, but I also joined a weight loss challenge at my gym. We are working to see who loses the most weight by December 31st. I'm so excited and I'm working as hard as I know to do. And.....



The scale has not moved!!!

I'm working like a dog in the gym and at home. Participated in and finished a 10k. I'm drinking more water and my calories have been up about 200 some days, because of the added workouts. I'm hungry!!!

But still....

The stupid scale has not moved!!!!!!!!!

So Frustrating!

Then I saw that Allan thew out a challenge. When I first saw it, I thought to myself, "Nope, ain't gonna do it"!! I not joining anymore stupid challenges. Because every time I do, I either work my butt off and miss my goal or nothing happens. So I dug my heals in deep. I was not going to do it.

Then he spoke about it again. Geez, I feel like he's cramming it down my throat. Allan you were talking only to me right? Anyway, I finally decided to look at the challenge. I stopped to see what the hubbub was about and after reading what was required, I got excited!!!

Take a look for yourself!





  • WEEKS, STARTING 10/25/2010


This is a challenge I can do! What I like about this one, is there are specific things I need to do that pertain to my fitness and weight loss goals. I've seen other challenges out there that have you focus on your feelings or fun stuff and/or do anything but focus on weight loss. I don't get that. Shouldn't we be focusing on our weight loss & fitness goals? Anyway, just wondering...

So back to the challenge.

For me...

  • My caloric intake needs to be 1595 calories per day. Shocking, after reviewing my calorie log book, I see that my calories have been 1600 - 1800 the past 2 months. Hum, is that why I have not been losing any weight?

  • Water - lets see....I'm already drinking between 100-120oz per day. Whew that was an easy one.

  • Don't cheat...Now here is the biggest and hardest part of this challenge. The next two weeks is a food fest for me!! Friday ~ Company potluck...Saturday ~ Harvest Party at my house...Sunday ~ Halloween...the next Sunday is my birthday!! YIKES. Why oh why did I commit to this type of challenge, during these two weeks. Hey where's the feel your feelings challenge? I think I could do that one.....Geez!!!!

  • I started the challenge yesterday. I did not hit my 1595 calories for the day. I was over by 50 calories for a grand total of 1645. Not too bad for poor planning.

So here's the deal. I've been doing a pretty good job so far. Yeah 50 pounds in, now, 10 months. I've put a lot of hours on the treadmill and in the gym. I drank gallons and gallons of water. I have not had fast food for over 10 months (major miracle for me) and I do pretty well with my food. I make good choices, just have too much of it, obviously.

This challenge is so good for me, because it makes me really look at what's important in getting this weight off. Really, there can be no more fudging. Can't be! (Do you know that I have not been counting the creamer in my coffee all this time. Each cup is 50 calories and I could have 2-4 cups per day. That's up to 200 extra calories a day that I have not been counting. Also, I thought my oatmeal was 190 calories. After really looking at and re-measuring my food, I realized it's more like 400. I was having too much!!!

So you see. It pays off to take the time to really look at what you are doing. RECORD EVERYTHING you put in your mouth. It all counts!!

I'm taking this challenge to heart and I'm going to do everything in my power to stay on task. Even through all the parties and celebrations. I am going to do this!!!

This morning, after having a great day yesterday, calories reduced, I did 2o minutes of cardio (my trainer restricted me because of just doing the 10k) and all of my weight sets, and I had 120 oz of water. Do you know that stupid scale did not move.

Does not matter. I'm still going to do everything I'm supposed to!!

Pushing on....

What do you think, do you want to join us in this challenge?

Keep focused!


  1. Love that you are up to doing this. You can and will see the results. Allan is right on the simple things to lose. I will be watching to see how you are doing. Good luck. smile.

  2. Joy, Thank you for sharing this journey online. I pray you find God's strength as you strive for your goals, all the while realizing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

    All the best.

    By the way-I found this blog because you talked about crickets chirping.

    Jeff Anderson

    inventor/creator of theCRICKETtoy®
    anytime there's an awkward pauses, push the button on theCRICKETtoy® and you'll hear, "Chirp. Chirp." (crickets chirping)

  3. Good morning, Joy~
    Reading the first part of your post, I thought one thing: plateau. Is it possible that you've reached one? Those can be such a pain, and it seems like nothing crushes one's focus more than a plateau. Good luck on this challenge. I think you've done a remarkable job and wish you wouldn't see yourself as a failure for not losing those extra 10 pounds. Remember, you're living life day by day. You're not going to remember 10 pounds in the big scheme of things.....you're already a winner in my book!