Monday, October 4, 2010

Floating on a Cloud....

Went to the gym tonight and worked out with my trainer. She increased my weights, so I got a great workout ~ My muscles are feeling it now!!! After we were done, I rode the bike for 35 minutes. When I left the gym to go home, I felt like I was floating on a cloud.

My legs felt amazing!! They have never felt this good before. They feel so strong! When I was walking to the car, it did not even seem like my feet were hitting the ground. The feeling was so awesome!! This has never happened to me before. Makes me want more!!

Only lost 5 pounds since I weighed in with my trainer on 7/28/10. Yikes!!! Certainly not enough. I totally know what I did wrong and I know where I need to improve. One of the things that happened was I let life happen and I lost my focus! For a long while, I did not even realize I had lost it. Looking back over my book where I track everything, I can see where I fell down.

Inconsistent in journaling my food & calories and my calories were all over the place. Some weeks I only exercised a couple of times . Some days I did not get enough water. Prior posts show me that I was whiny! Sorry my friends....

This is not the person I want to be!!!

Sitting here I look up at my bulletin board and see my inspiration, or what was supposed to be my inspiration. The board is right where I sit when I am blogging. I've looked at that board every day. But during my times of trouble, I did not even see something that might have inspired me to push through and get back to my plan.

I have a purple post it note that says: Make a choice and move forward!!!!

I guess somewhere along the way, before I slipped too far from my plan, I made that choice. I am moving forward!!!

Told my trainer today, that I wanted to win the fitness challenge they have at the gym. Told her I don't even know what the prize is, but I'm gonna win it!!!

Working toward that goal everyday!!

How about you need to make the choice to move forward?



  1. Love it: make a choice and move forward! You can do it and you can become more consistent. Sheer grit (as your sidebar states!).

  2. 5 lbs gone forever Joy. Now to lose 5 more! you can do it.

  3. Self awareness is a big challenge, looks like you've touched this nerve and are willing to acknowledge what could have been better. don't look back, just learn and move forward. I found this quote yesterday and put it on my blog, maybe it strikes a cord...

    " Don't just go through life, GROW through life. Yesterday is gone and you can't get it back so leave the wish I.. woulda, coulda, shoulda in the past with it. Each new day you are given a new opportunity to start over and become a better you. The power lies within you." Be happy!

  4. I LOVE that saying!! I'm going to make me a post it note too! :) You are doing so great at holding yourself accountable!

  5. Sounds to me like you got that endorphin rush I hear so much about. I don't think I've worked out hard enough yet to get it. Supposedly, that is why people get 'addicted' to working out!

    I like rereading my blog entries. It was a little surprising to learn that I would enjoy it, but I do. It helps me see patterns, and see how far I've come.

    Keep moving forward.

  6. Isnt it the best feeling when your actually feel strong!!!! YaaaY! Keep up the great work Joy.


  7. great words to live by Joy! Glad you found the error now move on girlfriend. smile.

  8. Sounds like you experienced what runners call a "runners high"!!

    I love your saying!

  9. Yes, it IS so easy to let life interfere with out focus, if we are not vigiliant! Life IS gonna happen, nothing we can do about that. But our response... yeah, it takes a lot of effort at times not to get distracted.

    Good job regaining your focus. And I can feel your renewed enthusiasm oozing right out of your words! I am happy for you. :-)