Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holidays and Celebrations are great..

But before you put that piece of candy, sweets, or sugar in your month. Think about this.....

Because I'm fat...These are the things that I have experienced during my holidays and celebrations that have caused me pain....

I just love starting the New Year faced with beginning a new diet plan. Doesn't that make you feel great? I just love it! So fantastic going to the gym, again, for the first time since the last January before, with so MANY people!! It's just great!! We all cram in and work our butts off for the month and never go back until the next year. The best thing is, we keeping getting to send our money to the gym, even though we don't go there anymore! Super!

On Valentine's Day ~ Nobody ever buys me candy. Imagine never receiving one of those stupid red paper hearts filled with delicious chocolate. NOPE ~ Never got one...

Easter is a bummer....You can't wear a black Easter dress ~ you would stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, I always get the pastel tent and try to look like the other thin mom's who look great in their Easter finest. Oh and I never get an Easter basket either!!!

Weddings...Remember I told the story of the outdoor wedding that I went to, where I went to take my seat and all of a sudden I heard a large "CRACK". I totally broke the chair. Do you know that I sat in a sitting position for the entire wedding and the chair was totally broken. There was nothing supporting me. I used my legs and pretended to sit the entire time. By the time the wedding was over, I could barely walk. My legs were so cramped and sore. Needless to say, there would be no dancing for me ~ Not that I would ever do that to begin with.

Lets see...what the next event. Well there's graduations....always worry about what the seating will be like...Will I fit? Can I stand the heat??? What food are they gonna serve? Yum!

Then there's traveling. I hate to fly, always worried about getting down the aisle and fitting in my seat. Oh yeah, what about that seat belt. Would I have to ask for an extension? I was always embarrassed when they would ask if I wanted a meal. OF COURSE I WANTED A skinny......Ahem! Other things I worry about when I travel...amusement parks, would I have enough energy to walk everywhere and would I fit in the rides? Oh, here's a fun one, what will my stomach do with all of the extra crap I would be eating? Having stomach cramps, gas, and pooping in the motel with your family all around is awesome!!! Have you tried it?

Then I struggle with camping. Would I have enough energy to set up camp, cook, clean, have fun, walk to the bathroom a thousand times, or fit in the bathroom stall? Would I be able to walk some more, and then finally, would I have energy to tear down and put everything away when I got home? Exhausting!!!

Picnics...Love them, but would I be able to do any of the activities? Most likely I would opt out, maybe watch the kids for an excuse not to participant. Of course their activities would be limited, don't even ask me to "catch" anything!!!

Don't even get me started on boating. I just love wearing a moo moo, to cover my fat, when it's 100 degrees. It's just awesome! Oh and what about the life jackets, will they fit. Heaven forbid I hurt myself in the water and they would have to pull me into the boat. Can we say, Free Willy? Then the other thing, I don't want to try anything fun, do you know how hard it is to pull a 274 pound body out of the water, holding onto a 6 inch handle? HARD!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love it. I love the pumpkin patches, smells, food ~ everything about it!! I remember so many years where I wanted to dress up with my kids at Halloween. Every year, I had to choose a mass of some sort of fabric to cover my body. Never could I be the cute cat, or princess, or even Peter Pan. Nope, it was Hobo's, scarecrows and fat M&M's for me. Oh and then of course, there were times that I'd cut our trick or treating time down, because I did not have the energy to keep going. Well at least I did not drive the kids around. That's something, isn't it? We really walked it, but not very far, to be sure! Then my favorite was confiscating the kids candy and eating all the good stuff, leaving the yucky stuff for them. Yep, Mom of the Year ~ that's me!!!

Another favorite is Thanksgiving. I love it!!! I always plan on wearing my "Fat Pants" Thanksgiving Day. That way I will be guaranteed to be comfortable. Unfortunately, after the things I would consume during the day, my fat pants soon would become too tight and I would have to unbutton them to breath. Can you gain weight that fast? I guess I did. Oh and my super favorite was....My Grandma, who I loved with all my heart, would greet us kids when she would finally arrive at our house. To me, she would give me the once over, from head to toe and say "hi" and to my Sister she would say, "Oh XXXXX, you are looking so thin. You look great, your hair....blah.blah.blah.blah.blah". Such a great welcome ~ I just loved that!!

Finally there's Christmas, also my favorite. Can every holiday be a favorite? Just asking? Anyway, my most memorable one was last Christmas. I was at my highest weight. I woke up on that crisp morning, filled with anticipation and excitement. Could not wait for the day to start.....And then I was kind of noticing a curious smell ~ very unpleasant. Thought it was something in the room I was in. As I moved about the house, I realized the smell was everywhere. Geez what could it be? Smelled like something had died. So I run up to the shower and striped off my clothes and I realize that I was the one who smelled. As I was washing my body, under my huge fat stomach roll, I rubbed my hand across that area and I experienced tremendous pain. When I got out of the shower, I hoisted my fat roll up and looked in the mirror and the entire area, everywhere where skin touched skin, was flaming red, with open, weeping sores and that was where the smell was coming from. Smelled like rotten skin!!!! Oh, that by far was one of the biggest highlights of my fat. Something to be really proud of, right?

Absolutely NOT!! That's why, I want you to think about what you are doing before you put that candy into your mouth. Do you really want it? Is it really worth it? Do you really want to prolong your weight loss? Is that candy worth all of the above pain and suffering, that you've caused yourself. Is it really, worth the price you pay for abusing your body?

Think about it!!

Keep focused!!!


  1. OMG, I was kinda chuckling at first but the end, wow, that is horrifying! I can't even imagine. Anyway like the fact you hit on so many regular things that we all want to do but have struggled with due to the weight...

    I can't wait for Christmas this year and new years knowing I will be down 35 pounds or more and don't have to make a stupid new year's resolution to lose weight cause I'll already be on that wagon!!!

  2. Holy cow, woman! This post was like a virtual kick to my entire back side! It reminds me of those 'Scared Straight' videos. I could certainly tell you were channeling a power beyond your own self when writing this post. I certainly benefitted from it! Well done, Joy.

  3. Candy is so tempting, but no way can it be considered worth it. That momentary love on the tongue is not worth the wrecking force it will apply to all your other hard work. Nope, not having any. None!

  4. I should have read this before I ate that halloween candy yesterday. No joke!