Saturday, October 23, 2010


Tomorrow is the big day. My first 10k!!!!

How in the world did I think I could ever do this? Well...first came the desire! After that came the preparation....

  • I have had to do a lot of mental work to even get to the point where I could sign up. Breaking through belief barriers are tough. I have gone back and forth so many times, it's crazy. (Please note, I'm not running this thing, I'm walking. Just not up to running with the knee yet. Hoping I can do it next year) So many times I've said to myself, "I can do it"...."No, I can't do it"...."Yes you can"....No I can't"! I feel like Sybil (For those of you who are too young to know about her, there was a movie (true story) about a young woman named Sybil, whose childhood was so harrowing to her that she developed at least 13 different personalities.) She talked to herself a lot. Anyway that's how I've been feeling. Strong, weak, really strong, pathetic...When I signed up I was huge!!!! I CAN DO IT!!!!

  • The next thing I had to do was budget. Now it was only $20 to enter, but with my tight budget I had to make it work. Check - got it done!!!

  • Next I had to prepare physically. I have been strength training for quite a while now and pushing myself on the Treadmill. Now I know there's a huge difference between walking on the Treadmill and walking on the ground. I hope I've done enough work to make this happen. I know that I can do a 20 minute mile. Kind of slow, but for the mental part, I had to know how long it would take me to get this done.

  • Now the fun part. Clothes....Well I did not have anything to wear, what's new! That's when my hubby came to the rescue. I have my running shoes and socks (the socks are black and orange - Hey, I forgot to tell you, we are supposed to dress up - it's Halloween for goodness sakes!!), then I added my orange t-shirt that says "This is my costume" and I had a pair of leggings that fit great and that's all I had. My hubby gave me his medium t-shirt (with the kind of fabric that wicks out the sweat - whoo hoo!!!), his water proof running jacket, his ear warmers and his cool Keen cap!! I am set to go!!

  • Next I prepared my body....Last night I went to bed at my regular time and slept in this morning. Today, I'm planning on eating healthy meals, ending with spaghetti and bread for dinner. Getting to bed early. Then it's up at 5:00am to set out on my journey!

  • Finally, I'll end my prep with prayer!! Really can't do anything with out the help from the Lord. Only He can help me overcome so many of the things I fear and can't do on my own. I know He will help me be triumphant and will make this a successful event. Also, I added a little extra prayer for the weather. Tomorrow, we are supposed to have the third of rain and wind storms that are supposed to hit our state. They are predicting over an inch of rain....So far, storm one and two have not been too bad...Storm 3.....well who knows. I'm praying for a window of no rain or wind between 7:30 am to 1:00pm.....After that bring it on!!!

Rock On!!!

Have you ever participated in a 5k, 10k, half marathon? How do you prepare?



  1. You will rock this, Joy! It's so exciting to read about all the preparation you've been doing both mentally and physically. Just remember, you have set yourself up for success! Be sure to post a report afterwards. I love the idea of the "this is my costume" t-shirt- hilarious!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you now, too! Congrats on your weight loss and good luck on your 10K. I did my first on 10/10/10 and it was so fun!

  3. Good Luck tomorrow. You'll do great! *Hugs*

  4. Hope it goes well, good luck!!!

    I just did my second 5k this morning, actually! (I am doing a Halloween one next weekend, we also need to dress up.) I am also walking them - I would like to run eventually and I'm working through the Couch-to-5k, but for now, I just like getting out there and enjoying myself! There's a great camaraderie when you're warming up with hundreds (or even thousands) of other people there.

    For walking the 5k, I just started walking around my neighborhood - 1 mile at first, then added half miles incrementally (every five days to a week or so). I want to get my time down, but for now, I'm just thrilled that I can complete them! I couldn't only a few months ago.

  5. Dude! good luck. Knock it out of the park.

  6. I bet you are out running right now! Good luck:)

  7. Good luck - you'll totally rock it! i've done a few 5Ks, and I'm embarrassed to say that I don't really train for it, I kinda just do it. I run/walk it until I finish. Can't wait to hear how you did!

  8. I cant wait to hear how you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Dear Joy!
    What a great an inspiring post to read. I am SOOO happy for you that you are going to achieve this incredible milestone of a 10 km. I have yet to do any race, but that is my goal fro early next year: run a 5km. SO, I cannot help you with prep, yet. But, looks to me that you have done really great planning. Have fun and go JOY!! Michele