Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Choices ~ We all have them to make. Some choices allow you do just enough to get by and some choices help you succeed and accomplish your goals.

I went to the gym last night and this is what I saw.

There were lots of people who had taken the time out of their busy lives to come to the gym to work out. Don't know their stories, but I imagine there are tons of other things they would rather do. But there they were, in the gym....

Everybody in that place had a choice to make. They could spend their time pushing themselves to their limit or they could just can get by.

Last night I saw both sides. One lady was on the bike. She had her book and ear phones in ~ Multi-tasking!!! She started with a good pace and as she got into her book, there were moments when she would pause and literally stop peddling. Then she would get back to it. There was no look of determination, no grit or fire in her face ~ she looked bored. Kind of like she was on a park bench, not really noticing the beauty of the park, just sitting there watching the world fly past her! Missed what was right in front of her.

Then I notice HER.....She is about my height, well 5'4" if you don't know. She was wearing a lavender outfit ~ It was a latex skirt and halter top. It looked like a tennis outfit, can't describe it any better. Anyway she looked fantastic. She was running and had a look of determination on her face. I don't know how long she had been running, but she was all red faced and sweaty. Fatigue must have been setting in, because I heard her say, "Push through", "Do it", "Come on".... Then for fun she would do a few sparing jabs to break up the monotony. Can I say "ROCK STAR"?

After 30 minutes of running, she jumped off of the Treadmill and gets on an Eliptical machine. She works out on that for another 10 minutes and then jumps off of that machine and hits the weights.

This women is determined, you can see it all over her face. She had fire and purpose in what she was doing. She did not take her time lightly in the gym. She made things happen, she got the job done and she did it well!!!

I wanna be just like her!!

Please note, I am not judging others and I don't know their story, but I liken myself to the women on the bike. Most of the time, I'm there putting my time in. The days I work out with my trainer, I am just like my rock star friend in the lavendar suit. When I'm on my own, I'm more like my bike riding friend ~ there to put my time in.

I want to put the rock star momentum in all of my workouts. I want to be able to wear a cute workout suit, push myself to my limit, get the results that I desire, and be that example for others who want to be just like me.

Do you just put in your time at the gym, or do your push yourself to your limit?



  1. I hope that someday someone looks at me all sweaty faced at the gym and thinks that! :-)

  2. I would say at this point about 4 out of 6 workouts a week are women in lavender suit intense...two are "well, I'm here and I will get through it".
    You may not always have the intensity in the workout, but you will or should have intensity enough to get over those days when all you want to do is lay in bed. That is big one.
    Be the lady in lavender as much as possible.
    She will get where she is going much faster.

  3. YOU are the rock star I want to be like!

  4. You can do it!!!!

    At the gym I usually try to get all I can out of my time there. Today I struggled just to get through one mile on the treadmill. Odd since I ran the whole 5k on Saturday! But, it may have been because I set the speed a little higher for me. Plus it was the treadmill instead of running outside which is totally different. So I did the mile and then got on the stair climber and literally had to keep up wtih the moving stairs. I could see the sweat beading up even on my arms. i did it for 10 minutes and when I got to 5 minutes I upped my intensity every minute until I reached 10 minutes. I pushed myself. Then went to the sauna :) Today my time was a bit tight but I figure if I am going to drive to the gym I am going to give it my all right?!?!

    You are a rockstar! Great post.


  5. If only I could be that determined and 'present' for my workouts. Usually I'm just trying to get through my run without puking. ha ha.