Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm back....So much is happening!!!!

Friends, I have missed you!!! My computer is on its last leg....Sadly it's not connecting to the Internet anymore. So now I'm using my hubby's computer. I would like to say, that I adjust to change easily, but find myself fighting the urge to use his. It's different from mine ~ the keyboard and monitor screen are so small. Not the same as my old friend. Plus this one is quiet, mine makes a lot of noise. Oh I go!!

Things have been going great the last couple of days.....

Finally back down to 223 pounds. I had gained 2 pounds in September from all of my traveling and routine changes. I still stuck to my plan, but my body resisted my efforts. So my trainer and I have reved up my cardio and weight training. We are pushing to new limits for me!! For the most part, I'm doing OK with this new routine, but find my knees are talking a little more than usual. Now I'm experiencing "little" new pains. I have old injuries on both knees (Meniscus) - no pain there thankfully. But now I get little tweaks of pain on top of the knee caps. I think I'm going to start my daily physical therapy stretches and legs strengthening exercises again. Hopefully that will help.


Whew I feel better!

I've had a great food week, even though I had several occasions where food was in abundance! Happily I can say I did great in passing by these temptations without any problems. You know, in looking back, these occasions were not even really a temptation to me. I just did not have the desire to go there. Who knew that I would ever get to this place in my life!!


At work...Early last week a vendor brought in 2 large boxes of muffins. I bet there were 8 HUGE muffins in each box, for the 14 of us to share. When I went to our Cafe to get some coffee, I saw the muffins displayed on the table. Do you know that I almost lost my cookies. First of all the smell was...disgusting!! It made me almost want to vomit - just too sweet. Then when I finally took a look at them, I realized how big they were. I bet they were at least 2 muffins in 1, maybe 3. They were huge!!! I thought, in the old days, I would have thought I had done died and gone to heaven. Probably would have eaten one and then snacked on another one that same day. It was repulsive to see how big these things were. Sadly all but 3 were eaten at the end of the day. (Not by me!)

Then on Friday, we had a breakfast for National Boss' Day. We had fruit, yogurt w/granola, juice and donuts. Again, 24 donuts were purchased - remember there are only 14 of us. They even had my favorite - maple bars! But I resisted!!! Well actually I was well fed prior to our celebration, so when I got there, the only thing that looked good to me was the yogurt and granola. So I had a small bowl, which was delicious! So I guess I've crossed over to the healthy side, because I was thinking that my little bowl was not quite enough so I decided to have a little more. I don't think that I have ever wanted to stuffed myself with yogurt before. Donuts yes, but never yogurt. It was sooo good. So I had had enough, I got the warning from my tummy that I was full and I stopped, even though I did not want to. I think this is progress for me!

At my cookie decorating class...We had 12 large sugar cookies to decorate and it took 3 hours of instruction to get them done. So here I am, 12 large cookies in front of me, (Sugar cookies are one of my favorites) and we have frosting (Also a weakness!). And for the first time, I get through the class, looking at everything like I would art supplies. No desire to eat a cookie or taste the frosting. I remember one time, I had some frosting on my finger and I licked it off. But it was like when I was a kid and I licked paste off of my fingers. So gross!! I quickly found my towel and rubbed the frosting off of my tongue. Just did not taste good to me. (It was so funny watching the other ladies licking the frosting off of their fingers. Kind of like they were hiding that they were doing it. I don't think they realized how many times they did this. They would put the frosting tip to the cookie, then lick the tip. Over and over. The other thing was, it seemed like there was sugar floating in the air. You could taste it and I felt like I had it all over my face. Did not really have to eat any, just smelling it was enough!)

At home...After the cookie class, the next wave of food was coming. We had the family over again for dinner. We had Tortellini soup, with salad and bread. I had everything, but just enough to fit into my calories for the day. I was totally satisfied and did not even have any of the cookies I brought home. By the end of the night, all but one of the 12 cookies were gone and not one of them made it to my mouth. Fortunately the one left over is covered in black sprinkles and does not look appealing to me ~ It will most likely end up in the trash!

So looking back over the week, I think the most important thing that happened for me, is planning. I saw what was coming and I made sure that I was rested and my body was fed with good, nutritious food. When the other sweet stuff came, it held nothing for me. I was not even interested.


Everyday I made sure that I was well rested and had my regular food planned. Never did I allow myself to get too tired or too hungry.

For my cookie class, which was from 10am to 1pm, I made sure to packed my lunch. I knew I would be hungry after looking at cookies for that long. In the old days, what do you think I would have done if I had gotten into my car and I was hungry? Yep you guessed it ~ I would DRIVE THRU ANYTHING and fill up with junk!! Fortunately I had thought ahead, so when I got done with the class, I jumped in the car and I had a delightful lunch with protein, fruits and vegetables - plus I had my water. When I got home, I was totally satisfied!! And I did not eat any of my cookies!!!

For me...Planning is the key!!!!

OK...Next Sunday is my 10k walk!! I'm a little concerned about my knees. Please pray that they will stop hurting, that my legs will be strong and I will have endurance enough to get this done!!

Love & Hugs!


  1. Planning IS the key, isn't it? The scale always shows whether my week has been planned (usually a loss) versus completely spontaneous (usually a plateau or gain).

    It's now Sunday and I'm sitting here having done a run (can't call it a good one - see my blog!) and feeling pretty good, but not having planned my meals for the week. You have inspired me, my dear!

    Have a good one!

  2. Your workplace really is a land mine! I think you nailed it: you can't change the environment. You can just change your reaction to it. Your resolve is strong and declining the goodies will be second nature.

  3. Cookies & donuts OH MY!! EVIL I say EVIL!!! Great job on your will power. Thanks now I want a cookie or donuts or both...LOL smile!