Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Experience...

It has finally happened....I was not recognized!!!!

A friend from my old church came into the office yesterday and was talking to my boss. This friend totally looked at me, stared for a few seconds and then looked away. The whole time he's looking at me, I'm walking toward him, smiling like a Cheshire Cat, all toothy and goofy looking, and he just looks away. I'm like, what's up with that? I gave him my best, I know you, friend smile and he looked right past me. He had absolutely no recollection in his expression at all. He did not recognize me!!!

I just saw him and his wife about 6 months and 30 plus pounds ago, while I was shopping. We chatted for quite a while, so I know he could not have forgotten me. Plus I've known him for years!! Have I really changed that much?!? So weird!!

Anyway, after I realized that he was not going to acknowledge me, I felt all awkward, so I diverted my direction so I would not have to approach him. He was probably relieved and wondering, who's the nut case with the goofy smile ~ what's up with her? I was so embarrassed!!

I was surprised that this has happened already. It's amazing what a 50 pound weight loss can do for a person. I am sure that this is going to happen again, as most of my friends and acquaintances, except for family, close friends and coworkers, have seen me this small!! I have to be ready and "willing" to show off the new me!!! What an exciting new experience!!!

I'm a different me!!!


Has this ever happened to you? I would love to hear about it!!



  1. yes, when I went to the back to school thing for my oldest daughter this year. I had met her math teacher last year and then she had him again this year we met twice the previous year...once for a half hour. I walk in, he extends his hand and says.I don't beleive we've met.
    I said "I'm kate's mom.."
    he says..
    "We have met'
    I say "I lost a bit of weight"

    he says " have'.
    It's happened four or five times.
    feels good every time.

  2. YAAAAY for you Joy!!! No, this has not happened to me but I sure wish it would!


  3. A loss of that much weight is so transforming, Joy. I bet you were filled up with satisfaction from that moment and won't easily ever forget it :)
    I don't think I've ever had a moment quite like that. However, when people see photos of me at my heaviest, they are convinced that person is not me. Even my siblings say that I must have 'altered' the photos. LOL
    I take it as a compliment nonetheless and it shows me how far I've come.

  4. Not yet but I can't wait!!! I agree with the photo comments, mostly the opposite way for me though (wow, I can't believe that is you meaning I was that small!). Now that you had that notion (him not recognizing you vs ignoring you) it must be fantastic...

  5. It's a great feeling. Yay for you! :-)

  6. WOW and Yahoo!!! That is so very cool. You have worked so hard to shed that weight. Have you thought about what you might do differently (maybe nothing)if it happens again?? And it will!! Congratulations Joy! That is one of the best NSVs, ever. Michele

  7. (Not sure what happened to my original comment.) That is FABulous!!! I'd probably have got right in his face and said It's MEE so he could gush about how good i looked. haha. You are rockin' it girlie!!! CathyB

  8. I have lost 70 pounds and no one has done that with me. I guess my goofy grin is unforgettable...LOLWay to go!smile.

  9. I had a similar situation a couple of months ago. I spoke to a friend I hadn't seen in a while at the library. She spoke but only because I'd actually called her name. She admitted to a mutual friend later that she had no idea who I was until she saw my husband walk up behind me!

  10. That is awesome, Joy. You must feel like a million bucks!