Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wonder who told me I couldn't

Yesterday I did something I thought I would never do...Something that I thought I couldn't do. And I wonder....who told me I couldn't?

My poor trainer wants to push me to the next level in my fitness training. I'm getting there, ever so slowly. I will do what she says, but only what she says. I put in a great effort, but there is more she wants from me. So we have been baby stepping along the way and sort of getting me where she wants.

For the past couple of months I been at a plateau. She has been gently, (not her usual Jillian Michaels style), trying to tell me that in order to blast past the plateau I need to push harder with my cardio.

I have been somewhat reluctant to go there due to my feet and knee problems. But she keep pushing me and says, as long as I don't experience pain, I'm good to go....

Last night, I finally gave in.....

You know what? I did everything she said to do. I worked out on the Treadmill for 25 minutes, doing intervals with an incline. (Which I was told or thought I could not do) UP TO 10 INCLINE FOR MINUTES AT A TIME.....Then she increased my speed. I am your classic 3.4 speed girl. Can't go higher unless I run. Oh ho ho....YES I CAN...She had me up to 3.7 ~ WALKING!

Most of you will be laughing your heads off....3.7 speed.....10 incline. Huh! You could do it in your sleep.

For me....This was a belief buster!!!

Whoever told me that I could not do this was wrong. I can do it and I DID IT!!!!!

The other thing she had me do was work on the Elliptical. I tried it for the first time, last week, and died at 5 minutes with no incline. Yesterday she had me on it for 10 minutes, with an incline (don't know how high, because I don't understand the machine yet) and we did 15 second intervals at high speed. (Well my high speed, but it was really fast!!)

Once again, whoever said that I could not do this was WRONG!!!

Makes me wonder....who is this person who keeps telling me that I can't do things?

Hummm I wonder...

Could it possibly be me?

I might be onto something here. So if I told myself that I could not walk on a Treadmill at 10 incline and a 3.7 speed.....Then what other things have I told myself I could not do? What other things could I accomplish if only I would get out of my own way? Where would I be in a year or years to come if I would adopt an attitude that I can, instead of convincing myself that I can't?

I think today I'm going to quit listening to myself, push through the hard stuff. starting doing and I'm going to adopt that attitude of "I CAN"!

What about you. Do you tell yourself that you can't?



  1. Can't is a bad word. At least that's what I tell my kiddo. But know what? I tell myself "can't" all the time. I need to tell myself I CAN handle a little discomfort or even pain if it makes me a better person. Time to go sweat! Thanks for the inspiration to perspiration!

  2. yep...once I lost 100 lbs I had that epiphany...what the heck was wrong with me that I couldn't take what I had done and learned in weight loss and apply it to all the other areas of our lives. It really is kind of eye opening and baffling all at once.

  3. Good for you! Imagine all you can do now with this new attitude:)

  4. Yes you can!! It's mind over matter most of the time!


  5. It is the negative self talk. Dr. Phil talks about it. But, YOU overcame it. Could for you Joy! That is a great feeling to do something you do not think you can. You are my inspiration!

  6. It's amazing how much we talk ourselves out of success. I honestly don't know why. You have a trainer who seems to know how much (without it being too much) to push you. You're a good fit!

  7. I went to a science museum a couple weeks ago that had a huge human body exhibit - one of the displays was all about athletes who push themselves despite huge setbacks - a quadriplegic swimmer, a surfer who is missing an arm, a blind mountain biker, a marathon runner with a heart defect who needed a pacemaker. It was really humbling! Sometimes the biggest obstacle in our way can be ourselves. It's hard to push ourselves sometimes, but that's the only way to move forward!