Monday, October 11, 2010

I can "SEE" the whole package!

For many years I have been trying to visualize what I would look like as a thin person. In my mind, I could see my head and I could see my body, but I could never put the two together. It was like I could see myself walking around and my head was suspended from my body ~ It was just floating there!

The only thing I could do, because I just could not see it for myself, was to visualize my sister's face and body. We look a lot alike only she's of normal weight. So I could kind of get the mental picture I was looking for.

I have to give my Sis some credit...because I never really could do it before and here's why. She had gained a substantial amount of weight after having her 3 babies. About the time she was ready to lose her weight, I had told her that I was, once again, going to get this weight off. I had started a journal at that time and I had told her that it was really helpful for me, as I tend to forget what I've eaten. Well she took the whole journal idea to heart. She journalled all her food, water, exercise (same way I'm doing it now). She focused and she worked hard and lost over 90 pounds. Now that was many years ago and she's kept it off. I on the other hand abandoned the great plan and kept gaining more and weight.

Here's where the credit comes....I've never really acknowledged what an amazing feat that was for her. And here's why.....She had always been a thin person...her whole life. Growing up, she used to be able to eat bags of Doritos chips without gaining an ounce. Geez, if I just smelled the chips, I would gain a pound. So my thought process was, she's just a thin person on the inside, so it was "EASY" for her to lose her weight. I never realized that it was a struggle for her to lose weight, just like it's a struggle for me. It's not EASY for anyone. I just thought thin people had it easier.

Anyway, I never gave her credit for all of her hard work and many accomplishments. So sorry my dear Sis!! Congrats on losing all your weight and for keeping it off all these years!! You look GREAT!!!

I just realized that I am a thin person on the inside too and I'm going to do the same thing she did!!! And I can wait!!

OK back to the visualization thing....So last night I was thinking about this whole process. And FINALLY I saw a vision of me, with my head connected. I could see my smiling face and my thin body all in one piece. I could see the WHOLE PACKAGE!!!! This is like a break through for me!!!

I don't know why this has been so difficult for me. I do know that it was important for me to get there. Well I'm here and ready to finally see it in real life!!!

I now know that it will happen, I'm going to succeed at losing this weight. I am going to get thin, fit and healthly!!!! Can't wait!!!

In your mind, can you visualize yourself thin?



  1. I see you as thin..... Me, not so much....

  2. Great message to your sister. Visualization is a big tool to use and I'm really happy you had this breakthrough...

  3. I'm trying to, but there are times where my 'head' deceives my mind.

  4. Hi there. Some days I see the new me. Other times I walk around thinking I am still 65 lbs heavier. Interesting right?


  5. Yeah JOY!!! I know when I finally had some sort of realistic vision of me thin it finally felt possible.