Thursday, October 21, 2010

More than just talk...

I have been on this journey since January 2010 and I have lost 51 pounds so far!!

Good for me....However, I still have a long way to go...I've got 78 more pounds of fat to lose.

This is not a time to slack off or give up, my journey is not over....I've got a lot to do!!!

With that said, I've had to take some time to ask myself some questions that have been bugging me lately.

Here goes...

  • Am I losing this weight for me or someone else?

  • Am I putting my full effort into my food selection, prep and presentation (Good nutrition and pleasing to the eye)?

  • Am I putting my full effort into drinking my water?

  • Am I putting my full effort into my exercise/fitness program?

  • Am I putting my time into my blogging to please others or to help others?

  • Am I being honest with all aspects of this journey?

  • Am I truly giving it my all?

Have you ever asked yourself these types of questions?

Do you know how you would answer them?

I once was involved with a cosmetics company that allowed me to actually make enough money to quit my day job and work "part time" for them and make a full time income. I was totally sucked in....I purchased my kit, a new computer and company software, office supplies and a complete inventory of products. My thought was, I would buy everything necessary to be successful in this business. My business was open and just getting off the ground. However, after some time, I realized I would not be making this grand living just selling to my friends and family, it was time to hit the streets. I mean if I really wanted to do well and make money, I had to go outside my bounds of familiarity and comfort and meet more people. So I got some nerve and I tried and tried to make this happen. After many, many attempts, I soon found out that I had trouble approaching women and asking them for their business. I just could not do it.

All the while, my boss had weekly sales meeting and she wanted to see that we were selling the product. Well instead of selling it, I just kept buying it and giving it away to my friends and family at my costs. Yeah it looked like I had sales, but I was not making any money. And because I thought having more product on my shelf would help me sell more, I just kept getting more and more into debt.

Looking back I can see that I did this because I loved the recognition of being one of the tops sales gals in the group. Yeah, I was totally moving product, but going broke in the process. Week after week, I kept going, loving more and more the praise and accolades that come with being a winner. On the outside I was happy as can be, but on the inside....well I did not fair so well. After some time, I was so guilt ridden because of the tremendous debt I was adding to my family and because I was lying to my boss and the others in my group. I was not "really" selling, I was not finding new customers, I was not working the plan.....I was just "feeding" the need to be accepted and praised for a job well done. I did not do a good job, I failed...

You see there was so much more to that business other than just being a good person, or desiring to have a business, or quit my job or having everything needed to do the work. It was about doing the WORK!! DOING THE HARD STUFF, EVERY DAY...CONSISTENTLY!!

Since I was unwilling to do the things that would help me to succeed, my business failed.

What does this have to do with weight loss you might ask? EVERYTHING!!!

It's the same concept. You can have a great scale, cute workout clothes, the best running shoes...You can have the most perfect food plan and menus, awesome workout schedule and a kick butt trainer...You can say all the inspiration you want on your blog...

But the reality is....

Unless you are willing to be honest with what is really going on and be willing to do the work, the real work that makes a difference....You are going to fail.

I know what I'm talking about. Both in the business world and in my personal walk through this journey.

Don't get me wrong, I've had some success. But it's not with the effort of a true winner. I'm sloppy, sluggish at times, unwilling to do the hard work, and not honest with you or myself about what I'm "really" putting in my mouth. Friends, I'm not doing all I can do...I can do more!!!

Today, I'm on the success journey. No more messing around. It's time to clean up and get this thing done!! No more wasting time!!!

Are you with me?



  1. GIRL, I am with you on this in fitness and beyond.
    Ive asked myself those same questions about myriad things in my misfit life :)

  2. Awesome post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Wow, Joy! I loved this post. Honesty is the best policy, that is what I always say. I KNOW I can do more, too. I know that part of the reason that the scale has not moved down for me these past few weeks is that I have been eating more than I should. But, the other side, is that this period (almost 4 month for me) is the lONGEST I ever sustained myself in a weight loss journey. So, even though I know I can do better (and WILL), I also know and commend myself fro sticking to it. Keep thinking about how far you have come: 51 [pounds is terrific. The rest will come off, soon. Michele

  4. What a great, honest post obviously from your heart. I'd imagine not a particularly easy one to write. I'm with you and agree that I've not given it my all as of late. Let's go at it together.

  5. My comment got lost in cyberspace but it is important for me to let you know how PROUD I am of you for your 50+ pound weight loss, so I'm commenting again....I'm PROUD of you!! :) And thank you for sharing the story regarding your business and how it relates to other aspects of our lives. I've got to tell you, it takes a certain kind of person to pull that kind of business off. I see the kind of money a person can make but it just is not in my genetic makeup to have what it takes to sell, sell, sell. I would be horrible at it.
    Also, thanks to your comment on my blog as well as your question to yourself regarding pleasing vs. helping others....that really gives me a lot to think about - thank you!